Reviews of Town House at The Kensington Hotel

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The Kensington Hotel 109-113 Queen's Gate, South Kensington, London, SW7 5LP
745 Reviews
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  • By MA A from London
    26 January 2020

    Fantastic afternoon tea, exceeded my expectation. The atmosphere was great and personal. The waiters were very knowledgeable and welcoming. The ambience was right and we did not feel rushed.

  • By Rebecca T from London
    21 January 2020

    Beautifully appointed, comfortable and cosy restaurant with delicious food, attentive staff and a top location.

  • By Wendy F from Glendale
    21 January 2020

    This was perfect from start to finish. Afternoon tea is incredible and be sure to be hungry and the meal is ample. I have already recommended to friends.

  • By David B from Henley-on-Thames
    18 January 2020

    Very relaxed, good service, excellent food.

  • By David Z from London
    17 January 2020

    Outstanding. This was such a surprise and a wonderful experience.

  • By Naomi P from Sydney Australia
    15 January 2020

    Food was impressive and delicious. The concept was amazing. Thoroughly enjoyed

  • By Safina H from London
    13 January 2020

    Initially upon booking the table for the afternoon tea I had heard of others experiences of which some were good. To give an honest review I would have to be blunt and say that I could not say the same for myself. The staff/Host serving us seemed to lack information on what was being served. I respect one member was training but her trainer would allow her to serve us without accompanying her so as to leave her just standing by our table hesitating at every question or query we had. The trainee spoke with a very loud tone and it made the whole experience just a little too awkward. The food served looked great, would I say it was anything spectacular; No. Was it nice; Somewhat. I was expecting different flavours especially with the London landmarks sweets. I only favoured one of them the rest I would deem as basic level of flavour. The sandwiches were OK, again nothing special or worth the money. I knew I would be paying not only for food but for service and experience. I don't think I can say that my cost covered any of it. The wrong tea was served when asked for a changeover they still did not understand what we were requesting. gave up in the end. Just drank what we had for the sake of it. couldn't get out of there any quicker. Definitely would not be recommended this room to any friends or family. I paid for the service charge, to be honest I just paid out of habit and regretted it afterwards. Poor service. Lack of hospitality. The gentleman who was in the outside lobby was very nice. Have to highlight the good. Hotel and tea room looked lovely too. Don't get why were seated in the corner by the coat stand, was told that this had been booked. Never saw an option to choose any particular table on the website when I had done the booking. The bathroom had a calmer atmosphere than the tea room. Seems all of a hype for nothing special.

  • By Dawn G from London
    7 January 2020

    We loved every bit of our afternoon tea,the hot savoury snack tray was so delicious then our sandwiches but the amazing Landmark cakes were just fantastic the London eye wheel which the sandwiches and cakes were displayed on was a great touch friends and I would highly recommend The Landmark Tea ..what a lovely afternoon a beautiful hotel so friendly and inviting.We had a cocktail with our tea I recommend the Vava Voom very nice

  • By Susan T from Uxbridge
    5 January 2020

    The London themed afternoon tea at The Town House is without doubt the best afternoon tea I have ever had. Everything about it was amazing. The champagne cocktail started it off well. The savoury canapés were so tasty. The London Eye cake stand was super impressive. I mostly loved the London landmark cakes, probably the Gherkin was my favorite but they were so dainty and so perfect. The service was spot on, exactly the right amount of attention. Couldn’t recommend it enough.

  • By Freya W from London
    2 January 2020

    The service was great, the food was really delicious and the atmosphere really nice. The tea was okay, but nothing special and the there weren't that many choices you could make.