The Edible Country

Welcome to Sweden, now open for reservations.

Few things exceed the feeling of sitting down around a table to share a meal. Even more so when you’re out in nature. That’s why we have placed tables on equally beautiful spots around Sweden. Designed by Swedish designer, Andreas Freinholt and made out of Swedish pine, they are waiting for you to sit, eat, laugh and rest around them. If they are fully booked, don’t worry – there is another 100 million acres full of places to sit down and have a fine do-it-yourself meal.

‘The Edible Country’ is a do-it-yourself gourmet restaurant where the visitors forage and cook their own food in Swedish nature. The restaurant has a 9-course menu made out of ingredients from nature’s own pantry, and along with the menu come instructions on how to cook the dishes.

How does it work?

‘The Edible Country’ consists of a 9-course menu with ingredients found in nature. Recipes can be found on this site, along with information on how to properly cook them. By simply following the instructions, you can enjoy fine do-it-yourself dining courtesy of Swedish nature. For an easier experience, we have placed 13 tables across Sweden. These can be booked for free on this site and at, where there are seven tables open for reservations from 12:00pm. The tables are placed in different locations in Sweden and can be booked for free, between May and September*. When you book a table, you have a reservation for a day and access to rent the kitchen kit, along with contact information to a local guide who can answer your questions before your arrival. With the tools in the kitchen kit you'll be able to cook the dishes from the menu.

*could vary depending on where in Sweden the table is located.