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St. Katharines Way, London, London, E1W 1LD
174 Reviews
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  • By Andy H from Newbury
    31 October 2020

    Food was great but service wasn't great, bit slow and didn't seem interested in us.

  • By Tyrone F from London
    17 October 2020

    Booking service odd as I was a single diner but no availability whatsoever but if I put in 2 people then the whole Saturday evening was suddenly available. Does the Vicinity discriminate against single diners? Also when I told them I had a booking they just totally disregarded the information and ignored everything said to them. The only saving grace was that the waitress was polite. In all honesty plenty of other bars and restaurants around the area that would have been far better.

  • By Venezia S from Tower Bridge -London
    4 October 2020

    Great view across Tower Bridge, great service and staff! Afternoon Tea and Lunch definitely recommended

  • By Angela W from Felixstowe
    14 September 2020

    Food was lovely and the service impeccable

  • By Marylin D from London
    12 September 2020

    Awfull! They are not organized, they didn’t have table. I had to wait and I had a reservation? The waiting time to order after we said about my allergy was 30 min. They took that to tell me that what i ordered contains butter so I order anither and it was another 40 min to tell me that that the other item has butter too. Can't you make food that I ask without butter?? I order a steak and It wasn’t well cooked, was a disarter, another table left because the bad atention and organization.

  • By Paul C from London
    22 February 2020

    My starter was very nice & my wife also enjoyed hers. The BBQ turkey roll was a disappointment, £16 & served in a cardboard tray. I just as well have gone to a burger van. The view of Tower Bridge from our table was fantastic which made the ambience of the meal extremely nice.

  • By Ronald B from Fontanafredda
    14 February 2020

    The food was good, the service was too busy with other concerns to start with. But got better as the meal progressed. However, the worst was that cold wind keep blowing in on us every time someone including the waiters went outside or came inside from the smoking section. This happened too often for us to enjoy the meal.

  • By Cris L from London
    14 February 2020

    It was a pretty busy night and the service was friendly however the kitchen was running behind schedule and we weren’t advised until we proactively asked. Also a table who ordered after us got served before us which made us think our order got lost after more than 45min of waiting. Wine selection is poor so we ordered cocktails which were good but the restaurant manager took away without them being finished. The views were beautiful, if you visit make sure you request a table with views.

  • By Derek C from BASILDON
    7 February 2020

    First night good, second night no so good. Food cold on second night.(Yorkshire burrito).

  • By Mathew B from London
    21 November 2019

    The service was incredible, and the afternoon tea was what I’d hoped for.