Bookatable for Restaurants

Reach new diners, maximise your covers, and protect yourself from no-shows
Protection against no shows

Why choose Bookatable?

Protection against no-shows

With lower no-show rates than Google, Bookatable diners are more likely to show up and spend. Diners who book through our app receive notifications on the day of their booking which means that if they can't make it they're more likely to cancel than no-show so you can sell that table and fill your restaurant.

For more protection against no-shows you can sign up to our pre-order package, which drove over 1.5 million covers in 2018. Taking pre-orders means the diner is committed, and that you can save money on labour, and reduce wastage.

Bookings when you need them

Bookings when you need them

We turn mobile and web-browsing diners into brand-new bookers, with an average of 50% of diners being new to your restaurant. We work with you to set up availability that works for you to bring in diners when you need them whilst giving new diners the best chance of finding availability when they want to book.

Bookatable Campaigns

Campaigns and collections that diners love

Our marketing team is always looking at dining trends across the country to create campaigns and collections that diners are looking for. Getting ahead of trends and making sure that your restaurant benefits from organic searches for what people really want.

Participating in Bookatable by Michelin campaigns is a great way to increase your exposure & fill your restaurant. We run various exciting campaigns throughout the year, and we make sure getting involved is as simple as possible!

Our system

A simple but powerful system

Bookatable by Michelin has all the features you've come to expect from a restaurant management tool - intuitive bookings and table management, re-marketing potential with our powerful guest database - and proactive account managers on hand to help you maximise your covers and your revenue.