Masala Zone Restaurants

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Combining contemporary design with Indian pop art, Masala Zone restaurants are visually vibrant, with each individual branch boasting a unique art display from various regions of India; from tribal art that originated on the walls of huts to striking 19th-century style canvases from the grand mansion houses in Shekawati in Rajasthan.

Given the range of art on display, it’s understandable that the Masala Zone menu is equally as diverse, taking inspiration from home cooking and dishes served on humble wayside stalls and in Maharaja’s palaces. Diners can be assured that the Indian cuisine served at Masala Zone is ‘real’ Indian food, offering dishes such the Thali, which is essentially a stainless steel platter with little bowls of different dishes, providing nutrition, texture, flavours and colours. A great Indian grill and dessert menu is also available.

Diners can enjoy the exotic menu and décor at any of the 7 Masala Zone locations in London.