Stratford Restaurants

So what’s left over in the post-Olympic lull? Well, the Olympic developments transformed Stratford from an inner-city backwater into a sleek go-to destination for just about anything in terms of shopping and eating out. At the centre of all this is Westfield Shopping Mall, with ample eateries to soothe the weary shopper. The key word when it comes to restaurants in Stratford nowadays is choice – the area is more cosmopolitan than ever, with a wide choice of world cuisine from both chains and independents.

And let’s not forget those high-end Stratford restaurants associated with certain celebrity chefs. A jewel in the crown of the aforementioned Westfield Stratford City is Jamie’s Italian. Accessible Italian food with a creative twist a la Jamie comes in the form of tempting treats ranging from turkey Milanese with shaved truffle to fruity peach and almond frangipane.

For something altogether more rustic, head to Dar Marrakech, run by a Moroccan chef with more than 30 years experience. This relaxing Stratford restaurant has all the warmth and enticing charm of a Marrakech souk, and its aromatic offerings include lamb tagine and juicy butterfly prawns. No Moroccan meal would be complete without a whole-leaf mint tea to finish.

If you’re coming here especially for eats, Stratford is deliberately easy to get to, connected via the Jubilee and Central lines, plus the DLR and overground rail.