Shoreditch Restaurants

The fashionable area of Shoreditch is full of stylish venues for visitors to enjoy. There are many music clubs, bars and top quality restaurants in Shoreditch.

Serving delicious food with influences from all over the world, Shoreditch restaurants present real treats to diners. The assortment of restaurants combine delicious food with unique settings, all within the energetic atmosphere of this bustling area.

Restaurants such as The Queen of Hoxton serve delicious European cuisine while also offering diners the chance for great views of East London with a rooftop garden. Other restaurants like Di Monforte and Lena deliver quality Italian cuisine in sleek and elegant surroundings.

Shoreditch restaurants also provide great casual dining options as well. Shaws Booksellers is a quintessential gastro pub while The Diner serves up classic American food in a lively setting.

Cuisines from further afield are also available at restaurants in Shoreditch. Viet Grill serves authentic Vietnamese cuisine and Favela Chic offers the best of South American food.

While Shoreditch is a great area for music and entertainment, the dining options should not be ignored. The variety and quality of restaurants in Shoreditch is sure to leave diners with a sated appetite.