Mayfair Restaurants

Few areas in London better illustrate the luxury and opulence of the city than Mayfair. The number of high fashion shops seems only second to the number of world class restaurants in Mayfair. Many luxury hotels and spas also call the area home and numerous celebrities are often photographed walking the streets.

However, for the casual diner, finding restaurants in Mayfair that won’t break the bank isn’t as hard as you might think. Despite the luxurious surroundings, Mayfair restaurants include a surprisingly varied mix of both cuisines and prices. Affordable meals can be found at almost every corner and even some of the Michelin star restaurants offer less expensive set course options.

Benares and Tamarind, both Michelin star restaurants, provide set courses and seasonal offers, meaning that diners of all budgets can sit down and enjoy a Michelin star dining experience.

There are numerous celebrity restaurants in Mayfair too, with Gordon Ramsay boasting a couple, as well as many award-winning restaurants, including the popular Indian restaurant, Tamarind.

However, no matter the destination, what visitors can expect when dining in Mayfair are beautiful surroundings, friendly service and maybe even the odd celebrity sighting or two.