Leicester Square Restaurants

If you are planning on a night on the town and looking for a place to have dinner before the real fun begins, then choosing one of the restaurants in Leicester Square would be a good place to start.

In the heart of London, Leicester Square offers all the drama and excitement one might expect from a visit to Times Square in New York. Bright lights and bustling crowds are the norm at peak hours and many restaurants soon overflow with guests.

However, despite the busy atmosphere, there are plenty of restaurants with ample space and delicious food to choose from. Seafood, Italian, Chinese and classic British cuisine can all be found on nearby streets.

Ruby Blue is a classic West End restaurant and bar that combines modern cuisine with live music in a fantastic venue. Incognico serves up delicious French and Italian fare in a classically sleek interior that is sure to impress.

Perfect for the quick pit stop, a casual dinner or a full on dinner party, restaurants in Leicester Square will meet all of your desires. If you are looking to soak up the atmosphere of a night out in London whilst enjoying quality food, then pick one of the great restaurants in Leicester Square.