Greenwich Restaurants

Greenwich is an historic part of London with long standing links to the navy and other maritime pursuits. Greenwich Meridian Time (GMT) is calculated here and it is also where the Royal Observatory is located.

Being close to the river, many restaurants in Greenwich take advantage of the scenic, riverside views and offer ample outdoor seating. Although being close to the financial district, Greenwich has many open green spaces. Greenwich Park and Black Heath are both in the area and provide diners with the opportunity for a gentle post-meal walk.

There is more to Greenwich restaurants, however, than good views and convenient location. The quality of restaurants in the area is truly impressive. Restaurants such as the King William, serve a unique take on traditional English cuisine that is very popular with locals and tourists.

Strada, Zizzi’s and Café Rouge all have restaurants in the area too, so diners will have plenty of options when choosing a restaurant in Greenwich.