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Reviews of L'Arpège

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84 Rue de Varenne, Paris, 75007
136 Reviews
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  • By James M from Dublin
    13 March 2020


  • By Gautier R from Paris
    13 March 2020

    Un moment parfait

  • By Anonyme D from Fontenay-aux-Roses
    12 March 2020

    Déjeuner à cinq personnes. Menu "L'hiver des jardins" pour tous, avec en complément coquillages (ormeaux ou praires), homard ou pigeon selon les convives. Expérience tout simplement exceptionnelle, de l'avis de tous : les mariages de saveurs, avec de simples légumes (et quelques compléments...), sont inattendues et extraordinaires. Le champagne et le bourgogne blanc étaient parfaits. Le personnel était fort sympathique et efficace. Deux remarques mineures : – le plat conjuguant kiwi et poireau n'a pas convaincu (à l'unanimité), mais c'est bien le seul ! – il y a eu un tout petit peu trop d'insistance pour promouvoir les à-côtés (livres de/sur Passard, produits du potager, collages du chef).

  • By Julie C from Paris
    11 March 2020

    Superbe expérience. Un menu déjeuner pour ravir les papilles. La venue du chef en salle est u n vrai moment privilégié ! Seul bémol - le café est très cher ...

  • By Daniel P E from Marion
    10 March 2020

    One of the most remarkable meals I've ever had. The food was inventive, more surprising and delightful with each course. The service was impeccable, everyone was both helpful and extremely welcoming. My partner had the vegetable tasting menu, I had the land and sea tasting menu. We coudn't stop trading bites, everything was so wonderful we had to make sure we got at least a taste of everything.

  • By Alonso S from Paris
    9 March 2020

    This was one of the best experiences we have ever had, the food was delicious, the service was great, we had an amazing anniversary celebration.

  • By Debbie L from Los Angeles
    9 March 2020

    The staff was incredible! Very prompt and kind! All the food was beautiful! Loved the desserts!

  • By Theis S from københavn
    9 March 2020

    good and memorable experience overall. I missed a little attention on the winepart.. asked several times for reccomendations but was never met with anything else than a reference to a rather limited selection of wines by the glass (just 5 whites) I chose the add on of esparragus with truffles and was told that the price would be 48 euro.. this was made more like 68 or 72 euro when the bill came. Loved the fact that all plates were all white and plain så that every dish stood out for its ingredients and nothing else. Best dishes in my opinion were: Ravioli symphony (dont recall what it was really called) The Vegetarian Lasagna en brioche, and the esperragus dish. But best of all was the apple pie and the combined sage icecream that was close to perfection i aromatic balance. Worst plate if any, was the spianch and herb soup with speck-chantilly.. I am NOT vegetarian, but the speck was too dominant and made a too greasy and smoky sensation with the cream. The dish worked better in my mind than on the plate. (and I love salmorejo cordobes with iberian ham). Funny enough if was the only non vegetarian dish as I recall. I left few tips cause I had no more Euro (came directly from the airport) but also because of the unpleasant surprise on the esparragus plate. On the service side.. The waiters were generally nice but maybe a little too impeckable.. I tried to show a relaxed approch to them but had a hard tie dismanteling their guards.. maybe because there were so many of them that there was no consistancy.. I would have preferred to have had mayby just two or three waiters in stead of 6 around me.

  • By Gherardo A from Brescia
    6 March 2020

    Fantastic meal from top to bottom. Every dish was faboulous (homard au vin jaune, carpaccio of Saint Jacques, asparagus with truffle, roasted pigeon with hibiscus sauce and the millefolie) Chef Passard is a genius And very friendly too. I’ve been to many Michelin starred restaurant but l’Arpege for me is probably the best restaurant in the world.

  • By Paul gabriel S from Paris
    5 March 2020