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11 - 14 Hanover Place, London, WC2E 9JP
239 Reviews
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  • By Suhana S from London
    5 June 2019

    I think it was slightly expensive for the selection, however it was still tasty.

  • By Jit K from London
    25 May 2019

    We ended up booking here as we got a cancellation from Jaimes Italian with it going into administration. The food quality was good but not worth the prices... it was just like ur average chinese really

  • By Emily N from ROCHESTER
    17 May 2019

    The food was delicious and good value for money. We particularly enjoyed the chicken wings,ribs, gyoza and tofu. We enjoyed playing games and ordering on the tablet.

  • By Dave H from Covent garden
    18 April 2019

    Deciding to visit the restaurant on its interactive theme, was a great disappointment when led to a table that seemed to have too brighter lights shone onto the table that it was too difficult to see any of the functions it had to offer. Although the staff were polite and friendly they seemed to be overrun as ourselves and the tables directly either side of us (and we were seated very close to each other so we could hear eberything) had to prompt the staff on several occasions on missing food items or drinks. I in particular asked for water twice, and after 30minutes of waiting got up and had to get it myself. I’d turn a blind eye to all this if the food was fantastic, it wasn’t terrible, but it just wasn’t worth the, cramped seating, price tag or slow service received.

  • By Kez R from London
    17 April 2019

    Limited meat options on the set menu but everything was cooked perfectly, fresh to order and very tasty. Recommend the ribs, wings, noodles and bang bang cauliflower. Would visit again but probably try the a la carte menu for more options.

  • By Ranjana M from London
    3 April 2019

    So much fun. The food was flavoursome. The tables were interactive with plenty to do. Drinks lovely. The interactive iPad to order was a little buggy and the choice on the unlimited menu was limited. But will go back and have the al a crate. Great for a large group.

  • By Elaine P from Chelmsford
    23 February 2019

    Enjoyable meal in a novel restaurant. Rather puzzled why all the hot food came ages before the cold food ordered. Also had to correct the bill which I am always uncomfortable about.

  • By Bless V from London
    16 February 2019

    Be aware theres only 24 items on the unlimited offer and you have 90mins to eat and drink. The alcohol is wear and the service is not great.

  • By Ben H from Chislehurst
    16 February 2019

    The Sichuan Chicken was fantastic, would happily order this again. Great atmosphere. It was a shame it wasn't possible to preview the dishes on the table, we were told this feature wasn't working. Overall it was very overpriced for the food we ate. I was still hungry when we were collecting the bill but found it had come to £84. I was very disappointed with the £10 service charge even though the waiters / waitresses had very little to do - the food and drink orders were done on the ipad so again, very disappointed about that. I'd recommend people to try this once because of how unique it is but repeat visits.. I'm not so sure.

  • By Llpach D from London
    6 February 2019

    Very few choices from unlimited menu. Quality of food poor. I would not go back nor recommend