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11 - 14 Hanover Place, London, WC2E 9JP
253 Reviews
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  • By Anon B from London
    6 December 2019

    Food and service was great. However the wine included in the bottomless Asian tapas and wine deal was awful. Worse wine that what one might drink in their college years. We ended up completely omitting the wine that was included in our offer and stuck to water and ordered a couple of cocktails each (paid extra for these).

  • By Shanice W W from London
    30 November 2019

    The food here was 10/10, and all came out hot and very quickly having ordered from the pad on the table. The games on the table were fun to play and the overall experience here was great. Very good value for money too. I would definitely return.

  • By Hitesh V from London
    29 November 2019

    Electronic table games and the ordering via screen was amazing. The house wines where really good. Also the Wings!

  • By Molly C from London
    23 November 2019

    Overall I had such a great time and would recommend. The food was really lovely and service was good and the unlimited deal was great value for money. The one negative I had about it was that for the unlimited deal after the 90 minutes you actually have to leave the table. I wasn’t told this and the servers allowed us to order 6 dishes about 15 minutes before our time was up. They then told us we had to leave and couldn’t take any food with us and that it was being thrown in the bin. It’s just so wasteful and if I had known that after the 90 minutes we couldn’t sit at the table and finish our food and drinks, I definitely wouldn’t have ordered the food. I would 100% recommend though and would go again myself, I just think the customers should be made more aware of this to stop food waste!

  • By Laura F from Essex
    2 November 2019

    Great value for money the iPad did stop working a few times . The bar down need tonic as wasn’t stock up .

  • By Jean F from Aberdeen
    26 October 2019

    The experience was definately different - none of us had ever dined like that before - it was fun and kept us all amused - the ordering system was very precise done on tablet and was very quick to come to our table. The mouse to play with whilst waiting our food kept us enthralled

  • By Olivia L from London
    25 October 2019

    Overall vibe was fun for a dinner with friends, and the service was good. We weren’t that impressed with the quality of the food though. Some sushi dishes were decent, but other appetisers were often overcooked, or drenched in batter and sauce. It was definitely good for quantity, but not quality.

  • By Rachel H from London
    14 September 2019

    Great time. Easy ordering process, good foof and fun games on the table.

  • By Danny K from London
    7 September 2019

    For all the high tech hype, you actually just end up with an iPad to order off ( which in our case ran out of batteries and had to replaced twice) and a table cloth that acts as a bad screen for some pretty poor content. If you were desperate not to talk to your dinner companions and your phone was completely broken, I guess it might provide some form of alternative entertainment .... but you would need to be pretty desperate. So with no score for novelty, we turned to the food. The tasting menu sounded interesting, but nobody seemed to actually know what it was... " It's random" was one suggestion. Its "whatever is being cooked was another". The closest we got was apparently last weeks version stored on a waiter's phone. It all felt a little hopeless, with the main selling point being "you get a lot of food"! Which given a "tasting menu" should be (even just by its name) more about the quality than the quantity, was not that convincing .... So we decided to beam ourselves down and go elsewhere. Perhaps we missed out on major culinary delights (?), and if you like the look of the menu you should give it a try. Just don't go there for tech or the novelty... you are better off on your phone!

  • By Shyam V from London
    30 August 2019

    The dining experience was average. Nothing special but nothing too bad. The staff and concept were fantastic but from the dishes we ordered, there was nothing that made us feel like we would order the dish again.