Giraffe Restaurants

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With bright contemporary décor and an African-inspired ambience, Giraffe restaurants are perfect for dining with family and friends. An international menu spanning continents ensures there is a dish to meet all dining palates, and the Giraffe menu picks up the most vibrant dishes from around the world for a colourful dining experience, complemented, of course, by world music.

Coconut shrimp is offered as a starter, and mains such as hot Thai duck stir-fry and tequila and lime chicken breast are guaranteed to whet your appetite. Giraffe also has an extensive burger menu with a difference, offering up classier burgers such as the mozzarella, pesto and grilled veggie focaccia, or the minute steak rump sandwich. Giraffe also has a great selection of drinks, from fruit smoothies to Swedish cider and liqueur coffee.

Offering affordable and relaxed dining in 16 London Giraffe locations, you can enjoy their international atmosphere everywhere, from Spitalfields to Islington and beyond.