Wolfe’s Restaurant in Covent Garden: Luxe Wagyu Burgers & Steaks

Wolfe's Bar and Grill

Wolfe’s Bar & Grill

Open since 1975, Wolfe’s Bar & Grill is a well-established restaurant in central London, top-class burgers and steaks to tourists, regulars and celebrities alike! The restaurant has a classic feel but a relaxed atmosphere, featuring a long, curved bar, and eyebrow-raising mirrored ceilings which bounce the ambient light around the restaurant, and give a great sense of space.


Halloumi and chorizo salad

Halloumi & chorizo salad

We had a lovely greeting from our friendly waitress when we arrived. Initially a little torn due to such a great range of choices, we opted for fried camembert with blackened cherries, and a halloumi & chorizo salad. Apparently we are cheese fans.


Fried camembert with cherries

Fried camembert with cherries

The fried camembert was gooey and rich, but freshened by the accompaniment of sweet cherries. The halloumi and chorizo were a perfect combination, both salty and full of punchy flavour. These were heavy starters to choose, which with hindsight we perhaps should have thought more about, but there were no regrets!

For our main courses, the restaurant manager kindly recommended the restaurant’s signature dishes: the Black Angus steak, and the wagyu burger. A word of warning…the portions are pretty large, so don’t worry about lunch before you go!


Black Angus Steak

Black Angus Steak

The Black Angus steak came with chips, grilled tomato and breaded fried mushrooms. The steak was perfectly cooked to order, and despite the large portion, the whole lot, accompaniments included, was polished off! I think an empty plate often speaks for itself.


Wagyu de luxe burger

Wagyu de luxe burger

If you want to go all out on your visit, definitely go for the Wagyu de luxe burger, which is topped with cheese and bacon, and served with chips and onion rings. The restaurant is really proud of the quality of the meat used in these wagyu burgers, and they sure are worth a try.  The flavouring of the meat is fantastic. It doesn’t need any fancy topping added, no avocado, no chilli, the patty does all the talking itself. If you’re a burger fan, you should put it on your list.


Creme brulee

Crème brulee

Now, as is often the way with these things, we went all out for starters and mains, and then were unbuckling belts by the time we got to dessert. We tried to go for a lighter option with crème brulee and Eton mess (I know, probably not what most people consider to be ‘light’ options).

My dining partner exclaimed that the crème brulee was the biggest she’d seen! It had that perfect crack when she broke into it, to unveil a creamy, rich under layer.


Eton Mess

Eton Mess

The Eton mess was full of mini meringues for a hit of sugar-fuelled energy, and berries, which provided a refreshing juiciness at the end of a delicious meal.

I would recommend grabbing a seat by the window and watching the bustling London life pass by, while you enjoy a juicy burger and big glass of red.  A great way to start any evening, but don’t expect to be going to a club after these generous portions. Perhaps a plush velvet seat in a cosy nearby theatre would be the perfect follow-up.

Wolfes Bar & Grill

30 Great Queen Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2B 5BB


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Sophie likes to mix up her dining experiences, and will enjoy juicy burgers & cocktails at Meat Liquor, or Lebanese mezze at Yalla Yalla, as much as a fine-dining dinner at The Ritz! With good food, good service, and good company, you can’t have a bad time.

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