What’s On: A Ducasse revamp, the ultimate festive sarnie, and an alternative Christmas wonderland

December has arrived, so we’re officially allowed to mention Christmas. However, after hearing one too many Noddy Holder impressions, we decided that there must be some quirkier festivities to be had. So we bring you proof that even East London’s cool kids can get into the festive spirit, and a Christmas sarnie to end all Christmas sarnies. Traditionalists aren’t neglected though – we’ve got a revamped Alain Ducasse restaurant in an iconic hotel, and a brilliantly British afternoon tea. For good measure we’ve thrown in a café serving nothing but breakfast cereal, because well, it’s fascinatingly random.

1. Foxlow’s Christmas Sandwich Book Foxlow


Foxlow's Christmas Sandwich

Foxlow’s Christmas Sandwich

There’s many a Christmas sandwich on the shelves at the moment. (We should know, we made an office tasting spreadsheet.) Stepping into the fray comes Foxlow’s attempt to fit a Christmas dinner between two slices of bread, or a toasted brioche bun in this case. Joining smoked turkey in the quest for seasonal sarnie perfection are a chargrilled sausage patty, crispy bacon, sprout tops and a cranberry ketchup. As if that’s not enough, they’ve thrown in a side of gravy and bubble and squeak hash browns. Beats turkey soup any day.


2. The Grill At The Dorchester Book The Grill At The Dorchester


The Grill At The Dorchester

The Grill At The Dorchester

Alain Ducasse, The Dorchester, Park Lane.  For foodies and London socialites, these 3 words are as enticing as gold, Frankincense and Myrrh, except they don’t have to Google what they mean. Led by his protégé Christophe Marleix, Monsieur Ducasse is back with his revamped grill icon, offering signature lobster chowder, an open rotisserie, and a section of the menu dedicated to nothing but soufflés.


3. Afternoon tea at Ham Yard Bar & Restaurant Book Ham Yard Bar & Restaurant


Afternoon Tea at Ham Yard bar & Restaurant

Afternoon Tea at Ham Yard Bar & Restaurant

Tucked away in Soho, Ham Yard is an elegant setting for an afternoon tea with the kind of indulgent extras that are almost mandatory at this time of year. As well as all the classics, there’s black pudding and bacon Scotch duck egg, chorizo sausage rolls, and a smoked ham and truffled mascarpone melt. Not indulgent enough? A festive cocktail should do the trick.


4. Winterville

Victoria Park

Winterville Image source: Winterville

Image source: Winterville

Some might say that East Londoners are too cool for Christmas, or that they were into it before it got big. Winterville’s here to dispel these rumours. Victoria Park has been transformed into a magically alternative Christmas village, with live music, craft beer, a ferris wheel, and even a roller disco. For foodies, some of London’s street food favourites make an appearance, including tacos, pulled pork, hog roasts, and a truck dedicated to cheese.


5. The Cereal Killer Café 


Cereal Killer Café Image source: Creal Killer Café

Cereal Killer Café
Image source: Creal Killer Café

There’s a certain nostalgic quality to breakfast cereals. We’ve all reminisced about the classic variety packs, pondered why you can’t buy Lucky Charms anymore, or bickered about whether Tony the Tiger was better than the Honey Monster. Opening next week, The Cereal Killer Café looks set to answer some of these conundrums with a café dedicated to breakfast treats. Serving over 100 types of cereal, 20 toppings and 12 types of milk, there’ll also be cereal memorabilia, and vintage televisions playing old cartoons. Worth getting out of bed for.



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