Streaky Gin Review: Deep-South Cooking & Deeper Cocktail Glasses

On the south side of Hyde Park lies Streaky Gin, a place that exudes a quirky, hip vibe that is reflected in the robust range of cocktails available. Streaky Gin is not all drinks however, it specialises in homely, comforting fare from southern USA.

Streaky GIn

Buffalo shrimp

To start, I had buffalo shrimp, described on the menu as succulent – a description it more than lived up to. Large and juicy, I wasn’t bothered that I ended up wearing some of the shrimp because they were delightful! These represent great value and are definitely a dish to try. My one grievance would be the level of spice in the spicy habanero dip which wasn’t quite up to my spice threshold, but then again we all have different tolerances. That isn’t to say the dip isn’t delicious – the flavours really add to the moreish-ness of the shrimp starter.


Streaky Gin

Broccoli with chilli and garlic

My dining buddy ordered the broccoli with chilli and garlic. ‘Wow’ is all I can say. The broccoli was cooked to perfection – it had a nice texture when biting into it and the chilli gave the broccoli a pleasant kick, which complements the broccoli effortlessly.


Streaky Gin

Mac ‘n’ cheese

For mains my friend had the mac ‘n’ cheese cooked with bacon, which was delectable and served as a fine example of the traditional southern-influenced cooking that Streaky Gin offers. It wasn’t as saucy as how you would perhaps imagine mac ‘n’ cheese to be – this is authentic southern cuisine here.


Streaky Gin

Streaky’s dream burger

I chose Streaky’s dream burger cooked medium and the meat did not disappoint. The home-cut fries were superb and the cornichons were a nice touch. However, I felt my burger had a few too many garnishes on it but that’s a minor complaint. We also shared some onion rings, which were piping hot and very enjoyable.


Streaky Gin

Palace Gate Fizz

In lieu of a dessert, my dining partner and I opted to sample some of the cocktails on offer at Streaky Gin. Some of the offerings included a lovely lime daiquiri, a mai tai with a sizzling sugar cube as an accoutrement, and what was possibly the nicest G&T I’ve ever had. The undoubted highlight was the Palace Gate Fizz, a cocktail featuring prosecco, grenadine & guava, which was served in the establishment’s mascot – Sir Oinks-a-lot! The extravagance of the presentation is definitely worth experiencing!

To sum up Streaky Gin as a place that is great for drinks would do a disservice to the food on offer. This is no doubt somewhere that knows its way around a kitchen and can really capture the essence of southern American cooking.

Streaky Gin

1D Palace Gate, London, W8 5LS

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