Review: London Restaurant Festival at The Trafalgar Dining Rooms

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On the doorstep of one of the most iconic destinations in London, The Trafalgar Dining Rooms was just the right place to be after a long working day. Our agenda was to check out the London Restaurant Festival menu that is on offer right now. Before arriving we glanced at the menu and the salmon struck my eye, needless to say I was excited for the evening ahead.

Upon our arrival we were greeted by a gracious host, who welcomed us to the restaurant and offered to take our coats. She then walked us past the amazing bar, to a caramel-coloured booth located right by the window, with a view over Trafalgar Square. What we noticed instantly was the relaxed ambience of the restaurant, and what we loved even more was the speakeasy-style music – there’s nothing worse than not being able to comfortably converse.

We were welcomed with a round of custom cocktails, designed and delivered by the Italian barman. Mine entailed a mixture of champagne, gin, and absinthe, with a touch of lemon. An unnamed concoction, until now… so if you ever find yourself here, and you see ‘Alexia No.1’ on the menu, I highly recommend it.

My guest is currently taking part in Sober October, therefore opted for a mocktail. Derived from the barman’s childhood, he created a blend of orange, lemon and cranberry flavours, topped with a sweet Italian maraschino cherry. What surprised us the most was the presentation of the glass, large to say the least, with the map of St James’, in addition to the unorthodox shape of the ice cubes.

Market vegetable soup

I first started with a market vegetable soup accompanied by London sourdough bread. It didn’t sound like the most exciting option, however the host swore by it. As a prominent meat eater, I was very surprised at how delicious this soup was, exuding a velvety texture with distinct flavours.

Wye Valley smoked salmon, dill mustard, rye sourdough

My guest opted for the Wye Valley smoked salmon starter, accompanied by rye sourdough and dill mustard. The intensity of the smokiness really hits you upon the first bite. The rye was perfectly crisp to complement the salmon, and the dill mustard was a great addition.


Roasted salmon, steamed spinach, horseradish crème fraiche

After cleaning up the starters, it was time for the roasted salmon, the dish I was waiting for… and it did not disappoint. The top layer was crispy whilst the centre had a succulent orange-pinky colour. The steamed spinach and the creamy horseradish crème fraiche were a perfect foil to the fish.


250g bavette steak, fries, béarnaise


When eating at a high quality restaurant like The Trafalgar Dining Rooms, a steak is always a must. With this in mind, my guest ordered the 250g bavette steak, cooked to their preference of medium rare, with a buttery melt in the mouth quality. With a side of fries and an appetising béarnaise, it really was an excellent choice. We found ourselves mesmerized just by the smell as it approached our table – a clear stand out dish.

Rocket and Parmesan salad

Steamed greens with pinenuts

There were a number of options from the sides selection of the menu, not only did the steak come with a portion of fries, but we decided on the rocket and Parmesan salad, glazed in a magnificently sweet-and-sour balsamic cream. My side was the lemony steamed greens with pinenuts and a discreet touch of garlic.

Seasonal fruit crumble

Where do I begin… a quintessentially British classic so eloquently well done that we almost ordered another. Consisting of fresh seasonal fruit, selected daily by the chef. Ours included a selection of berries and rhubarb, topped with crunchy streusel, and a scoop of sorbet. What a formula for converting any fruit into a decadent and enchanting dessert!

Sticky toffee pudding

The other dessert available on the LRF menu is the sticky date and toffee pudding. Another distinctive dessert consisting of a very moist and warm sponge cake made with finely chopped dates, drizzled with toffee sauce on top, and crème fraiche on the side. Simply delicious!

If it wasn’t clear enough already with all the above, we had a fantastic evening at The Trafalgar Dining Rooms. A restaurant worthy of multiple visits combining refreshing cocktails, prodigious food, and a relaxed environment. What more could you ask for?

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The Trafalgar Dining Rooms

2 Spring Gardens Trafalgar Square, London, SW1A 2TS

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