Red Nose Restaurants: Dine Out with Bookatable on Red Nose Day!

As we’re fortunate enough to know, dining out is not only a great pleasure, but  a great privilege. Red Nose Day serves as a great reminder of this, so we’ve decided to get involved and give a little something back for Comic Relief.



We’ve pledged to donate proceeds from bookings made on Red Nose Day, and have enlisted the help of some great restaurants to spread the word. So if you book a restaurant on Friday 13th March, you can do so safe in the knowledge that you’ve helped contribute to a great cause. Whether it’s chefs in red noses, a funny fry-up, or a comedy curry, we’ll be sharing photos of how restaurants are getting involved, as well as updates on money raised through the hashtag #RedNoseRestaurants.

Inspired by Mr Hollywood and Ms Berry, we’ll also be holding our own Bookatable bake-off, putting our master bakers to good use and raising a little extra through our shared love of cake. Everyone loves a good food pic, so we’ll be sure to share some examples of any baked beauties or culinary catastrophes along the way.

To join in the fun, help promote the cause, and track our progress, follow #RedNoseRestaurants on Red Nose Day!

Take a look at some of the great chefs and restaurants who have been getting involved, spreading the word and donning their red noses! Check out even more great Red Nose photos over on our Facebook page!

[foogallery id=”10227″]


To learn more about Red Nose Day or to donate, visit:



Revenue will be donated for all a la carte bookings made on Friday, 13th March, 2015 for dining on 13th March, 2015.  Cancelled bookings or no-shows cannot be included.

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What a great idea to help raise money for a good cause. So all I have to do is book on Can I also book on the IPhone App – will that make a donation?


Hi Amanda,
Revenue will be donated for all a la carte bookings made on Friday, 13th March, for dining on that day. Bookings can be made via the website or the app. Hope that helps, and thanks for your interest!


This is a great idea, how can other restaurants/chefs get involved for this great cause?
Thank you


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