Behind the Scenes: Food Photographer Paul Winch-Furness

This article is written by our guest blogger Emma Dickinson.

After 20 successful years in a career in photography, Paul Winch-Furness is more than a man with a camera. With a BA and MA in photography, Paul’s skill set comes to life in restaurants; where he effortlessly captures the essence of what a venue does through the art of imagery.

Paul explained to me that with a course or qualification in photography you may understand the theory, yet it’s the practical – the thinking and speaking on the job- that goes beyond a set of aesthetically pleasing prints. Using his social skills to his advantage and through a love of people, events and hosting, Paul engages with the place through his own personal enjoyment.

As I probed Paul further, he admitted he would never want solely to be paid to take photos. Rather to be commissioned for a ‘Paul Winch-Furness-take’ on what was to be shot. In the same way as you would in writing; an edge from a specific author. “You can tell a lot about someone from the way they see the world,” he states.

When asked on his weapon of choice there’s no debate, there is simply not one camera for a job these days. Portraits, interiors or kitchen shots need accurate attention to detail and all need different lenses from various models. Paul either uses a Nikon or a Leaf back on a Mamiya 67 or a Hasselblad, (this is a digital back that replaces a film back on a medium format camera).

Paul ensures he has creative and conceptual input on his shoots and his passion for food shines through his enticing images of delectable dishes. Specialising in boutique on-trend restaurants is where Paul truly exercises his innovative flair. Places and events including Roganic, Riding House Café, Roux at Parliament Square, Burger Monday, Roti Chai and Melograno Alimentari have all recently engaged Paul to capture their spirit. They, like me, can confirm that even though Paul is a fulltime photographer, he’s more than just a man with a camera.

You can follow Paul on Twitter @paulwf or visit his website

Here is a selection of Paul’s latest photos from Village East:

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Matt Foden

Thanks for taking the time to share these with us- A truly great set of images! Great job 🙂


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