Review: Mews of Mayfair

Descending a slight incline into the courtyard just off New Bond Street, I find memories of the back streets of Paris wash over me momentarily – beautiful floral arrangements and shrubbery of a neighbouring establishment, rows of tables and seats, and candlelight complementing the setting sun. Going inside Mews of Mayfair you find yourself in a cosmopolitan dining area – wood, leather & marble combine to create an elegant setting for a meal.

Portland Crab on Toast - Mews of Mayfair

Portland Crab on Toast, Pink Grapefruit, Sourdough – £11/£20

To start we had the Portland crab on toast and the seared scallops. The crab on the whole had a real freshness to it, no doubt supplemented by the refreshing taste of coriander and pink grapefruit that complemented the meatiness of the crab perfectly.

Seared Scallops - Mews of Mayfair

Seared Scallops, Pea Puree, Crispy Panchetta – £12

The scallops effortlessly melted in the mouth, the crispy pancetta declined to overpower the immaculately cooked scallop, and the pea puree offered a cooling finish to the whole dish.

Seville Orange Gin & Rose Lemonade - Mews of Mayfair

Seville Orange Gin & Rose Lemonade, Citrus Sweet Gin, Pomegranates – £13.50

To accompany our starters we indulged in a Seville orange gin and rose lemonade, which I felt capped off the whole fresh feeling of our first course. I can imagine myself drinking this on a roof terrace in spectacular sunshine, which at the time of writing this, served as perfect reminder that the warmer months are quickly approaching.

Cider Braised Pork Belly - Mews of Mayfair

Cider Braised Pork Belly, Mash, Burnt Apple Puree – £18

For main courses we took the cider-braised pork with mash and burnt apple puree and took the recommendation of our waiter to try a steak from the Josper wood grill. The pork belly didn’t taste particularly fatty which I found quite surprising (in a good way), and the mash was so delightfully creamy I had to wonder if this was indeed some sort of whipped potato!

Shorthorn 8oz Fillet - Mews of Mayfair

Shorthorn 8oz Fillet – £33

After taking on board the recommendation and explanations of the different cuts of meat available, we plumped for the fillet steak served with triple-cooked chips which were lovely and had a wonderful crispiness to them that made eating them a delight. But this steak – wow, so tender, a wonderful pink colour in the middle cooked to a medium rare perfection. It was so easy to cut through with the knife as well! For curiosity’s sake we had to try the rib eye to fully discern the difference between the 2, which you can tell immediately. The rib eye is a fattier cut and had a flavour about it that stays with you for a while. While both were sensational steaks, it is a toss up on which one comes out on top.

For dessert we had to try the Mews banoffee pie, which had a 15-minute wait time on it, which led me to believe we were in for a treat, and we were not disappointed! This wonderfully presented pie was lavished with toffee sauce and a centre that was a combination of biscuit and toffee that really made the dish pop! The biscuit base didn’t have a typical crunch to it that was enjoyable, the sprinkling of banana chips in the dessert, which offered a very nice touch, provided that.

All in all Mew of Mayfair was a wonderful experience, superbly cooked food, in a lovely, intimate setting with a wide range dishes and drinks to cater for all types of tastes for all types of occasions.

Mews of Mayfair

10 Lancashire Court, Mayfair, London, W1S 1EY

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