London Restaurant Festival Review: STK London

London Restaurant Festival is back and with so many great headliners this year, I couldn’t wait to see the lineup.

It had been a long week and one of my colleagues had harped on about STK London for so long that I was excited to visit. We’ve never been to STK London before but we both love a good steak so was excited to try it out.

Inside STK London

STK London, opulent and glamorous, artfully offers a blend of modern steakhouse and chic lounge, offering a dynamic fine dining experience. With STK restaurants across the US, these space-age dining room features delicate foliage-style lighting and cocooned booths. With premium steak dishes headlining the menu, STK London also offers a range of exciting signature recipes. STK restaurants source top-quality, hand-raised meats from trusted farmers, as well as market-fresh fish.

Cocktail o’clock

Before heading to our tables, we decided to head to the bar to grab a cocktail each and watch the mixologists craft some of London’s chicest cocktail mixes. And boy did we learn a few tricks!

For my cocktail, I went for one of the most popular cocktails around – the classic mojito. The mint and lime gave it a nice clean fresh taste and had the perfect sweetness – you couldn’t go wrong with this one.

My husband went for one of STK’s famous cocktails – the Not Your Daddy’s Manhattan. It consisted of the delicious and smoky rich Woodford Reserve whiskey, Licor 43, Antica Formula which was aged for 8 weeks giving it a very rustic taste. Not to my liking as I have a sweet tooth but my husband loved every sip of it.

To begin with, all the tables were handed a free treat – a savoury brioche loaf glazed with a melted blue cheese dressing. It was served with a garlic and chive sauce. The brioche was delicious, fluffy and buttery and the chive sauce was spectacular. It was fresh and zingy and worked really well with the blue cheese dressing. The sauce was so good that we even saved some for the steaks for our mains!

From the a la carte menu – seared scallops

My husband fancied diving into the a la carte menu for his starters and went straight in for their famous seared scallops with Thai grass noodles topped with fish sauce, peanuts, and crispy fried onions. The scallops were extremely fresh and perfectly cooked – it melted in the mouth. The Thai noodles were cooked to perfection and were well balanced alongside the scallops.

My LRF Starter: Spring Panzanella Salad

So that I could actually enjoy my steak properly, I went for the spring panzanella salad to start with. I was after something fresh and not too filling and this did not disappoint. In a big bowl, my salad consisted of roasted asparagus, thinly sliced radish, al dente peas, lamb lettuce and thinly sliced fennel topped with crispy sourdough bread. It was the perfect starter that I wolfed down quickly – the dressing of the salad was minty and fresh, exactly what I was looking for.

From the LRF menu: The steak

For my mains, I stuck to the LRF menu as there were many tasty dishes to choose from. Of course being in STK, I went for straight in for what they are best known for – their majestic steaks! I ordered the USDA grain fed rump steak (220gr) which came with famous STK Sauce.

I had the option to add toppings to my steak. There were many many choices such as garlic butter, duck egg, lime, and chilli twin king prawn and many more but I opted for a pepper crust coating on my steak.

My steak was delicious and cooked to perfection. It was soft and the knife went through it like butter. The STK sauce was a fiery bbq sauce that worked well with my peppered steak.

From the a la carte menu – medium sirloin (300gr)

My husband chose from the a la carte menu and got the bad boy – a medium sirloin that was still oozing with the juices when it came out. It was cooked exactly as he wanted it – medium and again, just like my steak, the knife sliced into it like a flan.

STK London sides galore

You can’t have steak and not have fries right? With so many delicious sides to choose from, we couldn’t resist getting the Parmesan truffle chips. These were chunky chips, crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. The chips were topped with truffle (my absolute favourite) and grated Parmesan. Delicious!

So we didn’t feel too bad, we decided to add in some greens to give us one of our 5 a day and went for the roasted broccolini (young baby broccoli) that was pan-fried in chilli, pine nuts and topped with Pecorino. Absolutely delicious on its own!

the grand finale: New York cheesecake

I am not going to lie. We were pretty stuffed. And even though I’ve never done this in my life, my husband and I decided to share a dessert! From the LRF menu, there were 3 desserts to whet anyone with a sweet tooth’s appetite. For chocolate lovers, you have the option of the chocolate jar which consists of a chocolate jar topped with raspberry cremeux, chocolate mousse, and a pistachio crumble. Or, if you come in with a big group of friends and still have any space left, you could go for the Junk Chalice, which is a big American-style sundae in a gigantic glass filled with ice cream, boozy whipped cream, popcorn, marshmallows, hot caramel sauce, candy floss and gooey brownies.

But as we were extremely full, we went in for the New York cheesecake. It came accompanied with a mango and rosemary compote, chocolate twirl and a mango sorbet. It was beautifully plated and tasted delicious. The cheesecake was creamy and rich and the mango sorbet brought the whole dessert together. It was fresh and not sickly sweet. My husband and I left feeling extremely full and happy.

This was one of the best deals I have come across – during London Restaurant Festival 2018, STK London are offering 3 courses and a glass of champagne for £49. An absolute bargain for the amount of food you get. The portions were big and great value, you definitely won’t be leaving here with an empty stomach or unsatisfied. With a great selection of option covering vegetarians too, STK London is the perfect place to come and wine and dine with the family or friends.

London Restaurant Festival at STK – book 3 courses & a glass of champagne for £48 here.

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