Lovestruck in Liverpool: Most Romantic Restaurants

This article is written by our guest blogger Olivia Gagan.

Clockwise from left: Sapporo Teppanyaki, Elude Lounge, Elude Bar, Elude Interior

When Google had a sift through its searches earlier this year, it turned out that of all the cities in the UK, Liverpool is the most romantic. Why so? Well, when looking at typical search terms for lover’s gifts – ‘red roses’, ‘Valentine’s Day cards’ and ‘chocolate’ – Liverpudlians were far and away the soppiest among us.

Three times more likely to search for romance than your average Londoner, Google’s research suggested that when it comes to a great date, Liverpool is the place to go. Liverpool has blossomed in recent years into a hub of independent pubs, bars, shops and restaurants. And the city is full of intimate boltholes perfect for wooing a potential partner, or for treating a long-suffering girlfriend.


The former Docklands area has been transformed and nestled in this area is Elude, a grand, low-lit building full of cosy tables perfect for a special night out. The menu serves simple European favourites: think rib-eye steak, Caesar salads, and slow cooked pork belly.

The Italian Club

Another romantic spot in the city is The Italian Club. The result of a Scottish-Italian love affair, the restaurant is run by the Crolla family, who serve fresh lobster, traditional antipasti and other Italian treats in their restaurant, which boasts high ceilings, simple wooden furniture and beautiful natural light.

Sapporo Teppanyaki

For a fun but still relaxed intimate meal, try Sapporo Teppanyaki in Liverpool’s East Village. Meats and vegetables are served in the Japanese Teppanyaki style, which means plenty of drama by the show chefs as they cook on iron griddles. Plenty of space in the modern-oriental restaurant also allows for a quiet, private meal for two.

Maritime Dining Rooms

Finally, seeing as you’re in one of Europe’s former Capitals of Culture (Liverpool was given the crown in 2008), why not combine a museum date with your meal? Tucked in to the fourth floor of the Merseyside Maritime Museum, the Maritime Dining Rooms overlook Liverpool’s UNESCO World Heritage waterfront. Simple, fresh dishes come courtesy of Gordon Ramsey’s protégé Nigel Paul Smith and include beef and oyster mushroom pie and chocolate pannacotta.

So if you find you and your beloved find yourselves in Liverpool, be sure to investigate some of these restaurants. And be sure to up your game when it comes to romance – else you may find yourself with some serious local competition…


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