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Critic & Blogger Review Round-Up 26th August 2016

Jay Rayner
The Good Egg, image by
At Stoke Newington’s latest buzz spot, The Good Egg, Jay Rayner finds that the ‘good things… really are very good’. Porchetta with cardamom and grilled apricots is ‘a reason for crossing town’, pistachio cake is ‘squidgy’ and ‘[pleasing]’, and baked cheesecake is ‘light and soft’. Read more…

Critic & Blogger Review Roundup 22nd July 2016

Petit Pois Bistro

David Sexton
Pork, lovage & crackling at The Frog Restaurant
Adam Handling’s tasting menu dishes at his new restaurant, The Frog, are ‘all high impact’ according to David Sexton. Pork, lovage & crackling was ‘delicious’, asparagus ‘wonderfully intense in taste’, and burnt honey with malted ice cream like a ‘Crunchie bar… angelically transformed’. Read more…

Critic & Blogger Review Roundup 15th July 2016

Jay Rayner
Blandford Comptoir, image source
Blandford Comptoir is a ‘terrific Italian [restaurant]’ in a ‘fancy bit of town’, says Jay Rayner of this W1 London restaurant. From Xavier Rousset (the man behind Texture and the 28-50 restaurants), Blandford presents a menu that is ‘full of sunlight’ and ‘big flavours’. Read more…

Critic & Blogger Review Roundup 8th July 2016

The Lighterman

Jay Rayner
Santo RemedioImage source: The Guardian
Jay Rayner isn’t made to choose between the ‘Real Thing’ and the ‘Good Stuff’ at Mexican restaurant Santa Remedio in Shoreditch. Prawn ceviche ‘recalls the brighter seafood dishes of Thailand’, pork tacos have ‘sweetness and depth’, and beef venison tacos roll up to become ‘tiny parcels of joy’. Read more…