Bookatable’s Top 50 Bloggers 2015

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No longer the preserve of TV chefs and newspaper critics, food bloggers are helping to take recipes and reviews to a whole new level, and a whole new audience. An endless source of insight, advice and entertainment, they’re the ones with their ears to the ground and a lot on their plate. The only hard part was narrowing it down to 50!


Adventurous appetites

Eat Like A Girl

Who? @eatlikeagirl
How Many? 38.8K followers
What?  A true globetrotting gastronome, Niamh recounts her adventures across the globe with lashings of humour and good food! We always take a peek at her blog for foodie travel inspiration.

Food Urchin

Who? @FoodUrchin
How Many? 17.5K followers
What?  Reviews and recipes with a healthy dollop of humour, Danny of Food Urchin keeps us laughing. His experimental flair and adventurous flavour combinations make sure we keep returning.

Gastro Gays

Who? @GastroGays
How Many? 3.3K followers
What?  Russell and Patrick jump between London and Dublin: eating, reviewing and recording it all along the way. Look out for their indulgent recipes, all with an Irish twist!

Kitchen Geekery

Who? @kitchengeekery
How Many? 38.8K followers
What?  A self-confessed cookery nerd, Darryl fuses innovative cuisine with reviews on the latest kitchen gadgets. He is also our go-to source for cocktail recipes!


Baking, desserts & sweet treats

A Mummy Too

Who? @AMummyToo
How Many? 20.3K followers
What?  Expertly fusing a busy family life with delicious home cooking, we always look forward to Emily’s ‘Recipe of the Week’, especially the desserts!

Baking Bar

Who? @BakingBar
How Many? 30.4K followers
What?  David’s penchant for cakes has earned him a huge following: watch out for his confectionery-loaded posts!

She Who Bakes

Who? @shewhobakes1
How Many? 8.1K followers
What?  From cupcakes to cookies, biscuits to bread, Britt of She Who Bakes can whip up a tasty treat for any occasion. The retro styling of her blog adds to her unique take on all things sugary.

Wallflower Girl

Who? @wallfloweraimee
How Many? 900 followers
What?  Aimee of Wallflower Girl provides those rarest of things – healthy and indulgent sweet treats! From her smoothies to her muffins, truffles to cupcakes, this girl sure knows how to satisfy a sweet tooth.


Comfort food

Anne’s Kitchen

Who? @anneskitchentv
How Many? 1.6K followers
What? What makes Anne’s delicious little treats all the more tempting is that they’re super simple to make! She is a whiz with all things sweet – a perfect destination for dessert inspiration.


Who? @Burgaffair
How Many? 2.4K followers
What? Nick and Andy’s blog keeps it real with reviews and opinions of the best burger joints in London. They keep a record of their findings with a handy leaderboard – a brilliant go-to for burger cravings.


Who? @pierateers
How Many? 1.9K followers
What? Tracking their adventures with ranking charts, the so-called ‘pierateers’ have made it their mission to seek and destroy as many pies as they can!


Cooking on a budget


Frugal Family

Who? @frugalfamily
How Many? 6.1K followers
What? A godsend for busy households, Cass consistently comes up with filling, inventive and above all, budget-friendly meals that’ll please the whole family. We are big fans of the ‘Cook with Kids’ section!

Mess Makes Food

Who? @messmakesfood
How Many? 1.6K followers
What? Holly is paving the way for student cookery, proving that a small budget need not mean a boring diet. This blog is inspirational, colourful and endlessly tempting.

Well Worn Whisk

Who? @wellwornwhisk
How Many? 1.2K followers
What? A pioneer in the world of healthy, family meals, Rachel continues to serve up a heap of exciting and nutritional feasts to keep the whole clan happy.


Hearty and healthy

Fusian Living

Who? @fusianliving
How Many? 1.9K followers
What? Recently featured on the BBC’s Big Allotment Challenge, JoJo knows her way around the vegetable patch. Fusian Living is a beautiful example of the natural way of life, with extremely tasty results.

Lavender And Lovage

Who? @KarenBurnsBooth
How Many? 13.1K followers
What? Creating glorious recipes and food fusions from her local, seasonal produce, Karen’s Lavender and Lovage is a tribute to good old-fashioned, wholesome cooking.

Naturally Sassy

Who? @NaturallySassy_
How Many? 2.8K followers
What? Prepare to rethink ‘health food’ when you enter Saskia’s world – a delicious melange of sweet and savoury recipes to energise, invigorate and satisfy.

Rocket And Squash

Who? @rocketandsquash
How Many? 10.2K followers
What? A writer, doodler and trained chef, Ed offers beautifully documented ‘eating in’ and ‘eating out’ guides, as well as suggested ‘further reading’.

Wholeheartedly Healthy

Who? @lauraagarwilson
How Many? 3.2K followers
What? Serving up tempting dishes that are both delicious AND healthy, Laura gets our vote. We consult her inspired salad section for endless ingredient ideas.


Nice and spicy

Hollow Legs

Who? @hollowlegs
How Many? 17.5K followers
What? Lizzie of Hollow Legs brings fun and vibrancy to Chinese cuisine, focusing on the cooking and sampling of authentic street food. Her recently-released cookery book is on our wish list.

Hot And Chilli

Who? @Rosana_McPhee
How Many? 2.2K followers
What? Rosana reviews her experiences of London’s restaurants, as well as documenting her incredible Brazilian Supper Club initiative – we want an invite!

Mallika Basu

Who? @MallikaBasu_
How Many? 3.4K followers
What? Mallika and her vibrant blog continue to draw in fans of a good curry. Featuring tasty recipes and handy video demonstrations, this blog makes our list for pure mouthwatering value.

Monsoon Spice

Who? @MeetSia
How Many? 1.1K followers
What? Blogs don’t come much spicier than Sia’s. Bringing colour, flavour and innovative recipes (not to mention beautiful photography) to the food blogger scene, Monsoon Spice is one to watch.

My Tamrind Kitchen

Who? @MyTamarindKtchn
How Many?  4.3K followers
What? A seasoned writer and cookery teacher, Sumayya specialises in the cuisine of her homeland, Pakistan. Her blog is ideal for fans of fragrant dishes that are brilliantly easy to make.


Pure indulgence

Chocolate Mission

Who? @ChocMission
How Many? 119K followers
What? Chocoholics don’t come much more dedicated than this – James shares his passion for the sweet stuff with a host of cocoa-focused reviews.


Who? @CulinaSophia
How Many? 1.8K followers
What? Culina made our list due to her flamboyant and quirky writing style. She narrates foodie goings on from an engaging first-hand perspective.

Poppy Loves

Who?  @poppy_loves
How Many? 10.5k followers
What? Poppy clearly loves London. Her local lifestyle writing covers everything from things to do to places to eat, and provides inspiration for all London dwellers.

Emily’s Recipes And Reviews

Who? @emily_etc
How Many? 4K followers
What? Honest and down-to-earth, Emily’s blog does exactly what it says on the tin. We can always count on her for indulgent and flavourful recipe ideas!

The Afternoon Tea Club

Who?  @TeacupReview
How Many? 3K followers
What? Started as ‘an excuse to eat cake’, The Afternoon Tea Club has is now a popular and widely-read slice of indulgent reviews and experiences from a duo who love a good cuppa.


Regional food


Who?  @ananyah
How Many? 4.3K followers
What? Michelle consistently brings flavour to the Glaswegian food scene – the diversity of posts keeps us hungry, especially ones that feature dinosaurs…

Bacon On The Beech

Who?  @Bacononthebeech
How Many? 6K followers
What? Bacon on the Beech leads the way representing the north west, zoning in on Manchester specifically. Look out for blog posts with some awesome accompanying photography.

Eating Edinburgh

Who? @nadinepierce
How Many?  4.2K followers
What? Representing the Edinburgh food scene, Nadine offers a healthy mix of restaurant reviews and ear-to-the-ground industry news.

Nibbly Pig

Who? @Nibbly_Pig
How Many?  2.3K followers
What? This Sheffield-based foodie keeps us entertained (and hungry!) with adventurous yet economical recipes and insightful reviews of the city’s restaurants.

The EdinBurgers

Who? @TheEdinburgers
How Many?  2.5K followers
What? We do love a pun, especially ones where burgers feature. Zarah and her team are a brilliant source for foodie happenings in Edinburgh, with some great restaurant reviews, too.

The Foodie Couple

Who? @DrRoz_thefoodie
How Many?  3.3K followers
What?  A leading site focusing on Birmingham and the surrounding areas, Roz & Lee cover everything from restaurants, to recipes and the latest kitchen gadgetry.

The Sticky Beak Blog

Who? @StickyBeakBlog
How Many?   5.6K followers
What?  This Derbyshire blogger is all about spreading her wings: her impassioned posts compel us to try out brand new dining experiences!


Roving reviewers

Bitten And Written

Who? @bittenwritten
How Many?   20.1K
What? A roving reporter on the London restaurant scene, Zeren Wilson is something of a connoisseur. We look out for the ‘Wine of the Week’ section for advice on the best bottles out there!

Cheese And Biscuits

Who? @chrispople
How Many?   26.2K followers
What? Documenting his restaurant visits with amazing photography and comprehensive reviews, Chris covers so much more than cheese and biscuits. This top London blogger is constantly namedropped as one of the capital’s most influential.

Curious London

Who? @CuriouslyEmily
How Many?    2.7K followers
What? Curious London is exactly as the name suggests. The eclectic tone of this blog sets it apart, especially Emily’s storytelling.

Elizabeth On Food

Who? @ElizabethOnFood
How Many?    12.4K followers
What? Elizabeth keeps things high end with reviews scored out of 100 at a host of fine dining restaurants. Look out for some extraordinary dining experiences at restaurants across the globe.

Gourmet Gorro

Who? @gourmetgorro
How Many?   4.6K followers
What? This Cardiff-based gourmand makes it his mission to dig out all the best food on offer in his city – trust us, he’s left no culinary stone unturned.

Heroine In Heels

Who? @LauraJHyatt
How Many?   9.5K followers
What? Heroine in heels is the story of Laura as she explores food, places and everything in between. Look out for her photos, which provide the cornerstone to her adventures.

London Eater

Who?  @LondonEater
How Many?  10.2K followers
What? Kang spends his time roaming the city, sniffing out the best new restaurants. Expect spellbinding photography and informative, engaging posts.

SilverSpoon London

Who?  @SilverSpoonLDN
How Many?  6.5K followers
What?  SilverSpoon manages to combine two of our favourite topics: food and travel. Angie lives the high life and illustrates it with some truly amazing photos.


Who?  @garyjberry
How Many?  5K followers
What?  We are more than slightly envious of Gary’s life – reviewing some of the swankiest Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe. This is a man who knows his fine food.


Vegan, veggie and gluten free

I’m Gluten Free Baby

Who?  @imglutenfree
How Many?  6K followers
What?  Bursting with reviews, recipes and tales of the gluten-free life, Cat offers alternatives to many of our foodie favourites, as well as heaps of new ideas.

Naturally Meghan

Who?  @naturallymeghan
How Many?  800 followers
What?  Meghan’s collection of colourful and inventive meat and dairy-free recipes look so tasty, they make us completely re-think the concept of ‘restricted diet’.

The Tofu Diaries

Who?  @TheTofuDiaries
How Many?  1.7K followers
What?  Natalie makes it her mission to combine her love of travel with her vegetarian lifestyle – we love her ‘Little Treats’ section for a spot of indulgence!

The Vegetarian Experience

Who?  @veggieexperience
How Many?   1.8K followers
What?  Being a vegetarian can be hard work – Clare tackles her own experience of this with an expert mix of humour and honesty, not to mention some incredible recipes.

Wuthering Bites

Who?  @wbites
How Many?   16.7K followers
What?  Sarah aims to inspire other coeliac food lovers with her incredible array of gluten-free recipes and heartfelt advice. Plus, her blog title is up there in our pun hall of fame.





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