London’s best cheese dishes

Cheese. Six letters, so much joy.

Whether it’s melted in a fondue, slathered on pasta, or adorning a trolley, cheese is always a welcome sight on a menu. And London’s food scene has no shortage of options when it comes to cheese-heavy dishes – from the ultimate cheese toastie to Michelin-starred desserts, its versatility knows no bounds.

Most cheese puns have already been done, and any more would no doubt grate on you. So we’ll tred Caerphilly and just get on with it…

Hawksmoor Air Street Book Hawksmoor

Mac ‘n’ cheese

Hawksmoor mac 'n' cheese

Hawsmoor mac ‘n’ cheese

They may be known for their steaks, but Hawksmoor don’t mess around when it comes to sides. Is there anything more satisfyingly indulgent than a fine steak and cheesy side dish? Yes actually, Hawksmoor’s lobster mac ‘n’ cheese takes the dish to a whole new level if the cheese alone isn’t rich enough.

Vivat Bacchus Book Vivat Bacchus

Cheese room

Vivat Bacchus

Vivat Bacchus

Not so much a dish this one, but a room. An entire room dedicated to cheese. With an ever-changing selection of over 40 cheeses on offer, this walk-in temple of cheese allows visitors of Vivat Bacchus in London Bridge to build their own bespoke cheese board. The stuff dairy-laden dreams are made of.
Also available at Vivat Bacchus Farringdon

Champagne + Fromage Book Champagne + Fromage

Cheese afternoon tea

Cheese afternoon tea

Champagne + Fromage

Afternoon tea is a British institution. As is cheese. But the 2 rarely cross paths… until now. Spotting an opportunity to merge 2 great pleasures, Champagne + Fromage‘s afternoon tea sees sarnies swapped for a cheese board, with 4 varieties gracing the stand.

Bar Boulud Book Bar Boulud


Reblochonnade Bar Boulud

Bar Boulud

The French know a thing or 2 about cheese, and masters of Gallic cuisine Bar Boulud are no different. A firm favourite in ski resorts, reblochon is a melted masterpiece, here served whole, along with steamed potatoes, charcuterie and cornichons.

Le Gavroche

Cheese trolley

Le Gavroche cheese trolley

Le Gavroche
Image source: Hot Dinners

Michel Roux Jr, his 2-Michelin-starred Le Gavroche, and its cheese trolley, are all iconic on the London restaurant scene. Notable for both quantity and quality, the selection of British and French cheeses is a sight to behold. And it had to be pretty special to make the cut, as it’s got stiff competition from the restaurant’s equally luxurious cheese soufflé starter with double cream.

The Cheese Bar Camden


The Cheese Bar Camden

Cheese Bar Camden
Image source: The Cheese Bar

Unsurprisingly almost everything on the menu at The Cheese Bar is unashamedly cheesy. But it’s when the good stuff gets melted that things really get dreamy. The classic 4 cheese fondue sees 4 varieties thrown into the melting pot with white wine and kirsch, served with fresh baguette, pickled onions and cornichons. If that’s not enough, bonus sides for dipping include buttered deep-fried sprouts, truffled roast potatoes, and homemade pigs in blankets.

Grill My Cheese

Baby Got Mac

Grill My Cheese claim to make the best cheese toasties in London, and it’s hard to argue with them. Among their more indulgent concoctions, Baby Got Mac sees organic sourdough joined by a signature cheese blend, mac ‘n’ cheese, pulled pork and bbq sauce. You’ll never look at cheese on toast in the same light again.

The Cheese Wheel

Hand-rolled pasta and cheese sauce

The Cheese Wheel
Image source: Camden Market

Hand-rolled pasta in a creamy white wine sauce with Parmesan and fresh garlic could make it into London’s top cheese dishes on its own merit. But Camden street food favourites The Cheese Wheel have taken cheesiness to a whole new level – before being served, the fresh pasta is dunked into a giant wheel of Parmesan.

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