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Critic & Blogger Review Roundup 20 November 2015

The Peat Inn

The critics and bloggers have been eating their way around the country again this week, with unctuous veal in Fife, sumptuous sole in Holborn, and picture-perfect pigeon in Glasgow.
The Peat InnImage source: The Guardian
Laying claim to Scotland’s first ever Michelin star, The Peat Inn in Fife emerges from its recent refurb ‘bespoke and trim and glossy’, according to Jay Rayner. Read more…

Kaspar’s at The Savoy: London Restaurant Festival

“Did you know”, said my dining companion as we strolled towards The Savoy, “that this road is the only one in the UK where you drive on the right-hand side?” The inquisitive Googler in me has since found this isn’t strictly true (the other is a bus depot in Hammersmith, in case you were wondering), though we did discover that Kaspar’s, The Savoy’s gleaming-jewel seafood restaurant, i Read more…

Restaurant Sauterelle: The City’s Big Secret

Sauterelle - chocolate mi-cuit

With 5 years of London living under my belt, I find that the cynics’ mantra of ‘if it’s any good, it’ll be too busy’, is normally pretty accurate. I’ve snaked round the block in queues, frantically refreshed web pages for oversubscribed ticketed events, all in hope of a good feed. But with The Royal Exchange, we discovered a haunt that’s surprisingly subdued considering its charms. Read more…

Top 5 London Restaurant Pop-Ups for Summer 2015

Nantucket Beach Club

There’s nothing that draws Londoners to a place more than the knowledge it won’t be around for long. Massive slip ‘n’ slide: sign me up! Breaking Bad-themed burgers: I’m there! But rest assured, if these things were a permanent fixture, we wouldn’t see the mad scramble for a ticket as we do when you attach those magic words, ‘pop up’, to them. Read more…

Use Your Noodle: Shoryu Liverpool Street Review

Shoryu ramen

Since London’s culinary scene reached world-dominating status, it’s become less about where can I get *insert little-known international foodstuff*, more, where do I go for the best London has to offer. Best ramen in London is one of the capital’s most fiercely-contested foodie exploits these days: the ultimate melting-pot of thick, creamy broth and slurp-inducing noodles. Read more…

Top 10 Holiday Restaurant Hotlist

Things to consider before jetting off on holiday: what factor sun cream to invest in? Are those jazzy swim shorts really suitable to wear in public? Something that rarely appears on the checklist is a pre-plan of where we’ll eat when we’re there: half cause we wouldn’t know where to start with booking a restaurant abroad, and half cause we secretly revel in a few days of a les Read more…

Best French Restaurants in London

From crêpes to croque monsieur and everything in between, French dining is a pretty failsafe choice when eating out in London. So whether it’s a perfectly crispy-on-the-outside and tender-on-the-inside duck confit, a flaky croissant or a heart-warming coq au vin you’re after, try out these French restaurants in London for indulgence like no other.
1. Read more…

Restaurant Review Round-up: 15 April 2015

From perfect steaks to cant-be-bettered 10/10s, there was much for the nation’s critics to love about the restaurants they visited this week.
Giles Coren
Giles Coren sings the praises of Shikumen in Shepherd’s Bush, and would be ‘delighted to see dozens of Shikumens opening all over England’. Read more…