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Top 10 Best BYOB Restaurants in London

Want to go a bit off piste drinks wise? Navigating a restaurant’s wine list fill you with dread, or simply got a nice bottle gathering dust (that you’d rather not enjoy with a TV dinner and Netflix)? Check out restaurants where you can take your own bottle along, as well as some top London restaurants that offer bargainous reduced-price-corkage nights. Read more…

Critic & Blogger Review Roundup 6th January 2017

The Laughing Heart

Jay Rayner
The Holy Birds Image source: Sophia Evans for the Observer
‘It’s hard to hate’ chicken, says Jay Rayner, but at The Holy Birds in Shoreditch, they manage to serve ‘disappointment fashioned from calories’. Duck fat roast potatoes are ‘overcooked… drenched in the greasiest bit of the duck’, and the main-event chicken is ‘floppy’ and ‘tastes of salt’. Read more…

Top 10 Wine Bars in London

Offering laidback, continental-style charm that just can’t be conjured with your typical sit-down dinner, the capital’s best wine bars are more about sipping and nibbling than a 3-course bonanza. And sometimes, that’s exactly what the occasion calls for: so prime yourself for the popping of corks, clinking of glasses, and some of the best grapes this side of Bordeaux.
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Critic & Blogger Review Round-Up 26th August 2016

Jay Rayner
The Good Egg, image by
At Stoke Newington’s latest buzz spot, The Good Egg, Jay Rayner finds that the ‘good things… really are very good’. Porchetta with cardamom and grilled apricots is ‘a reason for crossing town’, pistachio cake is ‘squidgy’ and ‘[pleasing]’, and baked cheesecake is ‘light and soft’. Read more…

Critic & Blogger Review Roundup 15th July 2016

Jay Rayner
Blandford Comptoir, image source
Blandford Comptoir is a ‘terrific Italian [restaurant]’ in a ‘fancy bit of town’, says Jay Rayner of this W1 London restaurant. From Xavier Rousset (the man behind Texture and the 28-50 restaurants), Blandford presents a menu that is ‘full of sunlight’ and ‘big flavours’. Read more…

Best London Restaurants for Groups

It’s fallen to you: organising that logistical-nightmare get-together that even though is fun at the time, can seem like more hard work than it’s worth when you’re in planning stage… You’ve got some ideas, but most of the restaurants that spring to mind are filled with dinky little tables for 2 (and don’t even THINK about asking to rearrange the furniture). Read more…

Top 10 Pop-Up Restaurants in London

Blink and you’ll miss them.
The iconic old-timers can wait: if a London restaurant’s been around for 50 years, it’s more than likely it’ll still be there next year for you to enjoy. It’s these dining spots that need your attention this summer: visit now or risk missing them forever. Unless, of course, they’re so popular they set up permanent residence.
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