Review: 108 Brasserie

Marylebone. Stalwart of the West End, and full of history. Tucked away from Marylebone High Street lies 108 Brasserie – a bustling restaurant with a modern and sharp décor that looked absolutely perfect for a Saturday lunch spot. We were presented with a menu that draws inspiration from all over the world, and couldn’t possibly have made a decision on them, so we took on board our waiter’s suggestions and picked a couple of dishes from each section of the lunch menu.

Sea bass ceviche - 108 Brasserie

Sea bass ceviche, sweet potato, avocado, plantain, lime & chilli – £14.50

First, we had a sea bass ceviche, with sweet potato, avocado, plantain, lime & Chilli. The powerful avocado provided a creamy texture throughout the dish, the plantain enhanced with its crunch and overall, the main components combined for a very flavourful and fresh tasting plate.

Spicy satay chicken tostada - 108 Brasserie

Spicy satay chicken Tostada – £12.75

My personal highlight of the small plates was the spicy satay chicken tostada. The tostada was sufficiently crunchy, and structurally sound due to what I thought was a combination of a drizzle of sauce, and the delightful candied peanuts adding a moist texture without risking sogginess to the tostada.

Burrata - 108 Brasserie

Burrata, seasonal tomatoes, pesto & seeded crackers £12.25

We were then presented with a burrata, dressed with seasonal tomatoes, pesto & seeded crackers. The burrata was creamy, and was complemented delightfully by the pesto, the seeded crackers adding a crunch for a complete taste.

Dukkah-spiced lamb rump - 108 Brasserie

Dukkah-spiced lamb rump, minted yoghurt – £23.75

For our big plate we selected the Dukkah-spiced lamb rump with mixed grains & minted yoghurt. The meat was tender but had enough toughness in it to be a delicious bite. The minted yoghurt elevated the dish and was a wonderful addition, and the pomegranates with the mixed grains added a nice sweetness for a complete taste for this dish.

Crème brûlée - 108 Brasserie

Crème brûlée, raspberries – £7.25

For dessert we plumped for a vanilla crème brûlée & raspberries that brought a sharpness that was quickly smothered by the creamy brûlée, and a salted caramel fondant with crème fraiche that was intense in chocolate flavour.

Overall, 108 Brasserie serves up a lunch menu with flavours from the length and breadth of the world. Whether you fancy a couple of small plates, or something larger, this chic, cosmopolitan eatery has something for any taste.

108 Brasserie

108 Marylebone Lane, London, W1U 2QE

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