Reviews of 1907 Restaurant, Bar & Grill at Brooklands Hotel

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Brooklands Drive, Weybridge, London, KT13 0SL
328 Reviews
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  • By Lucy R from Ashford
    4 November 2020

    We loved the 2 course package I hope it will be a permanent fixture.However we were disappointed in the lack of vegetarian and vegan in the main dish options (something more creative than burgers) .Staff were warm and attentive , the ambience was good although we would of liked the main lights to be dimmed down a bit more and perhaps something to block car lights blinding us as they park/reverse? The food was delicious we had the soup followed by fish and chips and braised beef cheek and shared the poached pear parfait.

  • By Daniel A from Send
    4 November 2020

    Lovely meal, great service and good value for money

  • By Thomas S from Borough Green
    31 October 2020

    My wife and I had an amazing time The decor was lovely and the services was exceptional

  • By Graham B from Brooklands
    31 October 2020

    Excellent service, very professional, really yummy food.

  • By Sarah T from Sidcup
    30 October 2020

    Beautiful restaurant with first class food and service.

  • By Katrina L from Woking
    28 October 2020

    The Caesar salad is what I came for having had it on my last visit to Brooklands Hotel for a friends birthday on the 3rd of October and it was amazing again and I introduce my daughter to it so can’t say more than that

  • By Joanne S from East Grinstead
    25 October 2020

    Fabulous meal, I had the plaice and it was beautifully cooked with very fresh greens. I had ham hock which was delicious and pear abs caramel to finish which was melt in the mouth . All in all the best meal I’ve had in a long time.

  • By Robyn C from Morden
    24 October 2020

    I liked the atmosphere in the restaurant, however, I felt that the room was very dark. Waiter took a long time to order our food and drinks which had the effect of us having to rush our dinner. Service I felt was rushed, as soon as we ate our starters mains came straight out, giving us no time to settle our stomachs. Our desserts were given to us and then told we can take them upstairs to finish. In line with government regulations I understand this. However, if our orders were taken sooner then would have felt more comfortable throughout.

  • By Robin C from Byfleet
    22 October 2020

    Poor Value. Being asked to pay £12 for a gin and tonic in a hotel outside of the West End is, at best, cheeky. Whlist the plaice was well cooked, my wife's dish was a bizarre brunch-thing that Garfunkels would struggle to ask people to pay £10 for. Being persuaded by the prospect of a decent restaurant meal for around £60 was great, being asked to pay £124+ was not, especially when I was charged for a course that was supposed to be included in the price.

  • By Michael W from Weybridge
    15 October 2020

    The food was delicious.