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There is nothing quite like the idea of a boozy bottomless brunch to bring some light to a chilly Sunday morning.
I enjoy a lie in as much as the next person, but one these ever-greyer mornings it really takes something special to get me out of bed and out the door.

Upon hearing about Villandry‘s bottomless prosecco brunch – which comes with a dessert platter, the Oyster card was out and the shoes on.

My boyfriend and I buoyantly made our way to Villandry on Great Portland Street and were immediately comforted by the cakes that greeted us on the way in and the delicate coffee aromas perfuming the air.

I must confess, I was a little bleary eyed and the moment I had a look at the menu, I knew I had found my remedy.
We kicked off our brunch with flat whites and pastries – the perfect appetiser to get us in the mood. The attentive waiter came over with prosecco and our eyes lit up. There is something so decadent about relaxing mid-morning on a Sunday with a warm croissant in one hand and a chilled glass of prosecco in the other – what a treat.

Villandry Burger - Villandry

Villandry Burger

Now it was time to dig in. My boyfriend made a beeline for the Villandry Burger – and what a choice this was. The sourdough bun made a great change to the brioche that one sees all too often, and the combination of salsa and cheese was lovely. He was very pleased with this.

Poached Eggs and Sweetcorn Chili Fritters - Villandry

Poached Eggs and Sweetcorn Chili Fritters

I never truly feel a brunch is brunch without poached eggs so I knew the poached eggs with crushed avocado was the one for me. The eggs were served on sweetcorn chilli fritters with lime and tomato salsa – this is really all bases met. The eggs oozed as I tentatively pricked at them with my fork. The yolk melted into the sweet, ever so slightly spicy fritters which mixed beautifully with the salsa. Honestly – this was the highlight of the day. The moment I had finished it, I could have had another all over again.

Sides - Villandry


Of course, we had to opt for all the trimmings to complete the brunch – I am very intrigued by the Villandry baked beans – I will be ordering that when I go for poached egg fritters take 2.
We finished every last morsel in front of us – there wasn’t a scrap left. After another glass or 2 of prosecco, it was time for the dessert platter.

Dessert Platter - Villandry

Dessert Platter

Nothing was more pleasing than the plate that was presented to us. The blueberry macaron was lovely – and although I am a macaron fiend, I had never actually had this flavour before. The subtle blueberry aftertaste was great and a great addition to the treats we were presented with. Amongst our treats we had a raspberry and chocolate square and shortbread biscuit with a citrus cream. The favourite however, was the passion fruit and coconut biscuit. The cream was lighter than air and there was this real kick of passion fruit which totally caught me off guard. Bliss.

I want to thank Villandry for the wonderful afternoon that we had. Out of the many brunches that one can now have in London, it’s great to see a restaurant that really puts their mark on it. I fully intend on going back – if free-flowing prosecco, perfect poached eggs and dessert platters are for you – I think you have your next brunch sorted.

Villandry – Great Portland Street

170 Great Portland Street, London, W1W 5QB

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