A unique tasting experience with wotwine? app

Labelled as the supermarket sommelier, the wotwine? app will be your new best friend when searching for that perfect pinot or mellow Merlot. Their experts taste and rate each bottle adding useful comments and feedback, making it quick and easy to decide what to take home.

Bookatable was invited along to see exactly how the scores are calculated and how they collaborate the expert comments which appear on the app.

The wotwine? Tasting

The wotwine? Tasting

I have fairly limited wine knowledge and my wine vocab could do with sharpening up, however as a wine lover and girl about town I was up for the challenge.
The tasting took place at Aveqia HQ in central London. Christopher Burr, who was running the session, introduced us to two other Masters of Wine, former well-known supermarket buyers and a sommelier. They were all independent reviewers with years of experience between them, and a great friendly bunch.

We were given point sheets to rate each wine and make tasting notes. The grading chart listed the name, vintage (year) and the region, and these were all taken into account when judging each bottle.

Concealed bottles before the tasting

Concealed bottles before the tasting

The bottles were concealed so we could give a truly non-biased opinion. I’m often influenced by fancy packaging so this definitely helped. We were going in blind, relying solely on taste.
We were poured a small sample of each, given a few minutes to make our notes, and then the feedback around the table began.

It was fascinating to watch the professionals at work. The smelling, sipping, mouth-swooshing and wine-spitting techniques (all technical terms, I’m sure) were great to witness. My colleague and I tried to follow suit and even though it was still before midday I couldn’t waste any, it’s just not in my nature to lose a drop.

Our sheets soon filled with so many adjectives I couldn’t keep up; fruity, light, mellow, smoky, delicate and rubbery being a few. There was a real selection of positive and negative comments.
We were marking the intensity, giving it a rating of 1-5 and giving our thoughts on value. After this we learnt the price and where it was sold. This was sometimes very surprising, for example, I preferred a Lidl Malbec over a higher priced Co-op version. Similarly, I’ve never been a fan of Chardonnay, however a light, easy-drinking Spanish bottle from Sainsbury’s won me over.

wotwine? app offers:
‘The professional Masters of Wine behind the new supermarket sommelier app, wotwine?, decided they would do us consumers a great service and have made it their mission to taste every supermarket wine “blind” – without knowing the producer, retailer or price. Their expert reviews or ‘notes’ are now available on a handy app, so next time you want to know more about a supermarket wine, simply scan the bottle with your phone, and you’ll have get a completely independent and unbiased assessment. You’ll also reap the added benefits of seeing each bottle’s RRV (recommended retail value), along with how much the wotwine? experts think it’s really worth, so you can see if you’re getting fair, or even good, value.’

So take care with the promotions as, more than likely, it should cost the discounted price. Wotwine? takes the hard work out of finding your dream bottle on the crowded supermarket shelf; after seeing first-hand the level of detail that goes into each tasting, I will definitely trust the experts when scouting my next Malbec.


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