Top 10 Best Desserts in London

Meet the capital’s most drool-worthy ways to round off a meal

There’s saving the best until last, and then there are these showstoppers. Whether you call it pudding, dessert, or sweet, there are few sights more gratifying (and more Instagramable) than a calorie-laden, drool-inducing, end to a meal. Banish those scales, for we’ve lined up London’s drippiest chocolate, gooiest soufflés and downright dreamiest foodie finales.

1. Bitter chocolate millefeuille Book Roux at The Landau
Roux at The Landau

Bitter chocolate millefeuille at Roux at The Landau

Bitter chocolate millefeuille at Roux at The Landau

Surely one of the most photogenic desserts in London, this bitter chocolate beauty comes adorned with maple ice cream and salted pecans. From the MasterChef maestro himself, the 5-star Landau is a fittingly luxurious setting.

2. Everything Book The Café at Hotel Café Royal
The Café at Hotel Café Royal

The Café at Hotel Café Royal - dessert restaurant

The Café at Hotel Café Royal

By night, this elegant cafe becomes the first dessert restaurant in London. Having crafted her pastry skills in some of the capital’s top restaurants, Sarah Barber’s menu is enough to wow the most seasoned of cake connoisseurs.

3. Chocolate Nemesis Book The River Cafe
The River Cafe

Chocolate nemesis at River Cafe

Chocolate nemesis at River Cafe
Image source: NZ Girl

Don’t be fooled by its innocuous appearance, the proof is in the pudding, quite literally. It may be flourless, but what it lacks on that front it makes up for in sheer indulgence – as the name suggests, if your eyes are bigger than your belly, you may find your nemesis with this one.

4. Kinako French toast

Kinako French toast at Shackfuyu

Kinako French toast at Shackfuyu
Image source:

If you’ve been on Instagram this year, there’s a good chance you’ve seen this one. Never has the humble toast been so popular, with foodies flocking to Soho to sample the matcha ice cream, maple syrup, and kinako crumb.

5. Mexican doughnuts Book Asia de Cuba
Asia de Cuba

Mexican doughnuts at Asia de Cuba

Mexican doughnuts at Asia de Cuba
Image source: Cherie City

No longer restricted to a simple jam filling, doughnuts have gone through quite a transformation in recent years. Following countless savoury incarnations and the now infamous cronut, Asia de Cuba have got in on the act with their signature take on the timeless tradition – butterscotch-filled orbs are served with a choice of caramel or Thai chilli chocolate.

6. The Ambassador’s Reception Book a Hawksmoor Restaurant

The Ambassador's Reception at Hawksmoor

The Ambassador’s Reception at Hawksmoor

Masters of turning iconic treats into delectable desserts, Hawksmoor’s latest creation pays homage to a certain after-dinner favourite. With a hazelnut-covered chocolate shell filled with chocolate, ice cream and ganache, Hawksmoor are truly spoiling us.

7. Macarons Book Yauatcha

Macarons at Yauatcha

Macarons at Yauatcha

Boasting an in-house patisserie, Michelin-starred Yauatcha know a thing or 2 about desserts. With flavours including passion fruit five spice and lavender honey, Yauatcha are the masters of London’s current must-try sweet treat.

8. Chocolate glory
Bob Bob Ricard


As much a theatrical performance as a dessert, Bob Bob Ricard’s chocolate glory is the epitome of indulgent decadence. Once you’ve watched the chocolate appear before your eyes, it may be hard not to reach for that famous ‘press for champagne’ button…

9. Hazelnut semi-freddo Book The Ritz
The Ritz

Hazelnut semi-freddo at The Ritz

Hazelnut semi-freddo at The Ritz

Decadent, rich and exquisitely presented, this is everything you’d expect from a Ritz dessert. Delicately prepared layers feature salted caramel, waffle, and vanilla ice cream wrapped in Italian chocolate.

10. Louis XV chocolate praline

Louis XV at Gauthier

Louis XV at Gauthier
image source: Gauthier

Gauthier choose to mention the calories of this world-famous masterpiece on the menu, but we’ll ignore that and focus on the ingredients – dark chocolate mousse, crunchy praline and edible gold leaf are unsurprisingly calorific, but oh so good.

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