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When I last wrote to you to discuss afternoon tea, I was a complete newbie to the world of the cucumber sandwich. I’m not so novicey now! Having got through enough cucumber sandwiches to make a montage Rocky would be proud of, I set off to Topham’s in Belgravia to cast my eye over their afternoon selection.



Located in Belgravia, around the corner from Victoria, Topham’s aim to provide a unique afternoon tea experience within a modern boutique hotel setting. We began, as all civilised afternoon meals should, with champagne. I’m not sure if the champagne designated the beginning of the experience, or a needed comfort as we navigated the highly stressful choice of selecting our tea from a chest that had been arranged to look something not unlike a rainbow. Either way, it was welcome.


Tea Selection


The tea upon arrival


Pouring the tea

We opted for the classic Earl Grey alongside the slightly more exotic sounding Rooibois, or red bush (to give it a slightly more Yorkshire name). While we may have committed the cardinal sin of mixing a dash of milk with our Earl Grey (I can only apologize), the tea’s natural calming effect helped towel our brows while navigating the towering plate of treats that awaited.


Afternoon tea selection


Selection of sandwiches

The sandwiches consisted of ham and cheese with mustard, egg mayo, and cucumber. They were served in fresh, soft bread with a light smothering of butter. As we’ve already discussed, I’m now a heavyweight cucumber sandwich expert. I made light work of these sandwiches, and soon cast my eye upon the second round of food.


Selection of cake

The cake tier was packed with brownies, macaroons, and much more. Luckily, each item appeared twice, to prevent any fights over a particular favourite. With plenty of tea left to assist, we tackled the cakes and their array of flavours, and we conquered all that sat before us.



The scones were a knockout. Full of raisins, soft and buttery. There was ample cream and jam to pile on top of the scone we received, and we lavished it on. Served alongside a strawberry so big that at first I may have thought it was fake (I promise it was real, and delicious), this proved a fitting climax to our experience.

Topham’s offers a very reasonably priced afternoon tea menu in what is now a highly competitive market. The selection of tea was very impressive, and the homemade scones are really worth checking out.

Tophams Hotel Restaurant

24-32 Ebury Street, Belgravia, London, SW1W 0LU

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