Review: The Pickled Hen

Contemporary yet rustic décor and ornate ornithology on display makes a lot of sense thematically at The Pickled Hen, a lovely restaurant situated in the Marriott Hotel Marble Arch. Upon entry you’re immediately drawn to the robust bar and high ceilings of the eatery.

Pear-pick & Porky - The Pickled Hen

Pear-pick & Porky – £9

To accompany our meal throughout the courses we opted to sample a cocktail from The Pickled Hen’s comprehensive drinks list. The pear-pick & Porky is a tasty pear-infused tequila with lemon & tonic, served in a cute and highly photogenic mason jar, that was a delightful sidekick to our evening.

Grilled Scallops - The Pickled Hen

Grilled Scallops – £11

To start we opted for the pork belly fritters served with a sweetheart cabbage and apple mustard dressing. The pork belly was cooked very nicely and the dressing that accompanied it combined to produced a sweet flavour with a burst of spice without bringing heat. Our second starter was the grilled scallops. These were cooked perfectly and had a delicate taste to them. The Dorset crab that was served alongside the scallops was subdued in its taste, giving an overall subtle feel to the entire dish.

The Pickled Hen Burger - The Pickled Hen

The Pickled Hen Burger – £13.50

For mains I decided upon The Pickled Hen burger, which was a beef patty with pulled beef brisket loaded on top of it with caramelised onions and Lancashire Bomb. The grilled patty had a slight char to it, which brought some extra flavour to the burger which I really enjoyed! Again the entire thing was cooked well and was presented nicely.

Grilled Salmon Salad - The Pickled Hen

Grilled Salmon Salad – £13

My dining companion opted for the grilled salmon salad with avocado, chilli, parsley, cucumber & fennel. This was again beautifully presented. The salmon was light and the entire dish had a light summery feel to it.

Double Chocolate Brownie - The Pickled Hen

Double Chocolate Brownie – £6/£9

For dessert we chose the double chocolate brownie with melting honeycomb and hot chocolate sauce. One mouthful and I was sent on this rich, sugary journey of joy! Served with a scoop of cooling ice cream this dessert certainly was a real treat.

The Pickled Hen - The Pickled Hen

The Pickled Hen

To summarise, The Pickled Hen offers well cooked food and a range of cocktails and potent potables that will satisfy any preference in a beautiful dining space.

The Pickled Hen

London Marriott Hotel – Marble Arch, 134 George Street, London, W1H 5DN

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