Unique Pop-up Restaurant The Cube Is Coming To London

This article is written by our guest author Beverley Moore.

The Cube Brussels

The Cube, Brussels

The Cube by Electrolux is the ultimate pop up restaurant, and it’s coming to a London landmark sometime in the spring. All details are to be confirmed, but based on previous appearances, we know to expect the unexpected.

Electrolux say they want to ‘give guests a new view of dining out’ – and on the evidence so far, they certainly mean it. The Cube first appeared perched on top of the grand archway of Brussels’ Parc du Cinquantenaire; where it was sold out for its three-month stay. It’s currently in Milan, offering diners a spectacular new perspective of the Piazza del Duomo from the top of an elegant nineteenth century palazzo. 

The ‘new view’ concept extends both to the design of the restaurant and to the activity inside it. The Cube itself is a 60 tonne temporary structure, just 150 square metres in size. Dazzling laser cut aluminium encloses a glossy white Corian™ interior, and the dining area is walled with a combination of transparent and semi transparent glass. Standing outside on the wooden deck, you could be sailing through the sky at the prow of a grand ocean liner. The look is designed to represent Electrolux’s innovative Scandinavian design heritage, and it works. 

Top chefs are resident in each location, and are very much part of the show (as, of course, are the Electrolux appliances they are using). The kitchen is fully open, the idea being to create an informal ‘at home’ atmosphere where guests can chat to the chefs and get hints and tips on how to create their own great food experiences.   

On arrival, you could be excused for thinking that the promised meticulous attention to detail is somewhat lacking: there’s nowhere to eat. But don’t worry. Once you’ve had your fill of the view and are ready for more substantial nourishment, a concealed table descends dramatically from the ceiling. Each chef creates their own menu for the day, making use of fresh, seasonal and locally-sourced ingredients to prepare impressive dishes that taste every bit as good as they look. There’s a maximum of just 18 diners, seated at a single long table. When the meal is over, the table is raised again, for after-dinner drinks and mingling. 

The whole concept is a showcase of Electrolux’s experience as the company behind many of the world’s greatest professional kitchens. As a PR exercise, the Cube certainly beats a Facebook page. As an experience, it’s already living up to its promises to deliver unique and memorable dining, with the successful runs in both Brussels and Milan. 

Open for only three months, The Cube is sure to book up quickly.  Such luxury doesn’t come cheap – but the lucky ones who get a seat at the table can look forward to an inspiring meal and an unforgettable experience. 

We’re watching closely for announcements of the London location – but in the meantime, it’s a guessing game. We’ve got a few bets on here in the office – but what iconic landmark would you suggest? Where would you most like to look down on while dining?

Give us your ideas!

The Cube – Brussels

The Cube Restaurant Brussels The Cube Popup Restaurant Brussels

The Cube – Milan

The Cube Milan The Cube Restaurant Milan The Cube Popup Restaurant Milan

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