Review: Spinning the Temptation Wheel at The Savoy Thames Foyer

It’s not often you get to combine gourmet food pairing with retro-style roulette, yet the world-renowned Savoy hotel does exactly that in its newest, exciting innovation. Hosted at The Savoy Thames Foyer, a new evening menu has been launched, and as an added flourish, you can let the temptation wheel decide your dining fate to match gourmet desserts, cocktails and hand-crafted chocolates.


Hot canapes

For a taste of the canape selection, shredded lamb shank croquettes with yoghurt raitha are a highlight of the menu, alongside lobster corn beignets, and truffle and gruyere puffs.


Cold canapes

Try your luck with a zingy sweet potato and artichoke ceviche, smoked salmon with zingy lime cream, or the indulgent foie gras with rich cherry puree on almond parmesan sable. The canapes are all named in honour of the famous faces that have graced the Savoy over the years, an impressive list including Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe and Charlie Chaplin.


Thames Foyer cocktails

The iconic Art Deco-style foyer is flooded with glowing light through the great ceiling cupola dome, casting a glow on the retro-style roulette wheel that sits as centrepiece on our table. Letting the wheel decide, with a bit of extra help and a couple of spins, we opted for some cocktails. Diamonds and Pearls came with a kick, a punchy mix of jasmine, raspberry and cucumber, while from the intense selection we had a Woodford Reserve bourbon and quince liqueur blend.


Fruits de mer platter

With the mains, we landed a true royal flush; the fruits de mer platter piled high with seafood, and brimming with sea-fresh oyster shells and shredded Norfolk crab. The combination was a real treat with a glass of champagne, along with plump, meaty prawns poached with petit scallops.


Hereford ribeye steak

Sizzling from the chargrill, the Hereford ribeye came out a pink medium-rare pink with thick-cut chips and a classic tarragon-flecked bearnaise sauce that had a strong aniseedy edge. A winning steak that could contend with any decent London steakhouse.


Citrus on the rock

Lady luck would have it that a spin on the temptation wheel landed us a couple of straight up bets for afters. Although tempted by the intriguing edible cocoa pod, we plumped for the rather striking citrus on the rock, resembling what could be construed as an iceberg shard with a stranded grapefruit atop. Awash with a tangy foam, it concealed crunchy Earl Grey meringue rocks and bittersweet grapefruit within. It certainly won the prize for most inventive presentation!  A crisp, gossamer honey tuile and citrus floss contrasted with the zesty grapefruit sorbet which was lipsmackingly good and sour.


Chocolate parfait

We did mix up the options a little for the sake of variety, combining the selection of light, medium and intense options on the wheel. Peanut butter and chocolate tart was constructed on a crumbly, dark chocolate shortbread with an intense chocolate ganache. The peanut ice cream had just the right amount of salted savouriness to balance the densely sweet chocolate.


Savoy chocolates

Although too sated to enjoy the chocolates there, we were kindly given gourmet chocolate to take home with us – a superb selection of tangy passion fruit and rich coffee which come highly recommended.

If you fancy yourself as a high roller, the temptation wheel at The Savoy is a bet you should be more than willing to take, for a night of glamorous roulette-style dining. The Temptation Wheel is available daily from 7.30pm until midnight.

Offer: Temptation Wheel – Cocktail and Dessert, £19

The Savoy Thames Foyer

Strand, London, WC2R 0EU

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