An Evening to Remember: Sen Nin

Sen Nin - Islington

Sen Nin – Islington

I often find that sorting out a dinner date can be a culinary mine field. With the ever-evolving restaurant market, there needs to be something stand out for me to book – I need some kind of calling card as I want to enjoy my night in its entirety.

I knew then, that Sen Nin would be the choice for me.  I seem to be spending more and more time in Islington now, so I thought that due to rave reviews from friends and colleagues – we would be in good hands.

Japanese food always goes down well with us as my boyfriend and I are regular sushi eaters. However, we wanted dinner with an experience – so the fact they are renowned for their teppenyaki, that was the decision made.

We arrived in Upper Street on a cocktail night (aka Friday night) so without hesitation, my thirsty companion and I reached for the cocktail menu.

I am always partial to a margherita, however it was the addition of strawberry and sake that intrigued me. The drink was so refreshing with a subtle kick – we could have drunk these all night.

Strawberry Margherita - Sen Nin

Strawberry & Sake Margherita

We decided before the teppenyaki event we should start off with some sushi and dumplings – we wanted to try everything this cool venue had to offer.

Firstly we had the duck gyoza that were so moreish – the perfect dinner warm up.

Duck Gyoza - Sen Nin

Duck Gyoza – £6.50

Their sushi menu is extensive and we had several morsels to try – each bit was as delicious as the last. The salmon tartar taco was my favourite.

Sea Bass Nigiri - Sen Nin

Sea Bass Nigiri – £4.95


Sushi Platter - Sen Nin

Sushi Platter

Salmon Tartare Taco - Sen Nin

Salmon Tartare Taco

After another cocktail break – this time, the mango mojito – the teppenyaki began.

Mango Mojito - Sen Nin

Mango Mojito

Honestly, I would go back for this alone, it was so fun to watch.

The chef was an absolute character – he managed to demonstrate immense skill, whilst being hilarious at the same time. He was throwing eggs in the air and catching them on his kitchen utensils and then crack – he broke the egg and started making delicious egg-fried rice right in front of us.

We couldn’t keep our off eyes of him – now I find it a little disappointing when I eat egg-fried rice, that I don’t get to watch the eggs tossed threw the air before I eat it.

Now it was time for mains.

I ordered the lobster and I have to say, it was some of the best I have ever had.

Whole Lobster - Sen Nin

Whole Lobster – £34.50

We watched the chef cook it – the lobster turned from blue to red before our eyes whilst being shrouded in flames. It was so fun to watch, but even more enjoyable was that the lobster had that light, ever so nutty taste that I adore. It was so fresh – it’s great to know that even though it was a lot of fun to watch my food being cooked – they manage to deliver great flavour as well.

Wagyu Beef - Sen Nin

Wagyu Beef – £36.50

My boyfriend opted for the wagyu beef. Wagyu beef is one of the best cuts of beef you can have and he had his eyes on this for some time – and rightly so. It was so unbelievably tender. It melted the moment you cut into it – everyone realty must try this.

For good measure, we also had the salmon upon recommendation, and this was equally as delicious with a slightly sweet, sticky sauce.

We tucked into our food and loved every mouthful. There was not one thing that I ordered, that I would not order again.

With our savoury bellies full, it was time to move on to the sweet.

My chocolate-loving companion went for the chocolate fondant. The gooey centre oozed out as he dove in fork first. A classic dessert very well done. It’s great to know that even my sweet-toothed friends will be happy here.

Chocolate Fondant - Sen Nin

Chocolate Fondant

I opted for the caramel soufflé with strawberry sauce. Just the perfect sweetness for me.

Caramel Souffle - Sen Nin

Caramel Souffle

My boyfriend and I had a brilliant time at Sen Nin. The experience is second to none and the food and cocktails were on point – really a great evening.

I cannot wait for my return visit – and next time I’ll be bringing the whole gang. A show this good deserves an audience!

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