First Stop – Searcys St Pancras

King’s Cross St Pancras Station, the central hub of travel in London surrounded by endless shops, The Eurostar and swarms of Harry Potter fans looking for Platform 9 and 3/4. Beyond this however, on the second floor you can also find the incredible Searcys Champagne Bar and Brasserie restaurant.

Tracey Emin installation

Tracey Emin Installation


Searcys Champagne Bar

Searcys Champagne Bar

Cosy and Cool refurbished brasserie

Cosy and Cool refurbished brasserie

Located just by Tracey Emin’s new light installation, Searcys Brasserie has just gone under a refurbishment that has given the place a cool, relaxed vibe with a range of booths, tables and casual seating by the bar. Being in such a central station we expected to be surrounded by groups of people rushing to catch a train, however we were surprised to see the restaurant packed with diners indulging in platters of seafood, sipping slowing on their champagne and taking the time to relax and enjoy the surroundings. We soon realised this isn’t just a restaurant to come before or after a train journey. The service and menu was fantastic and we were quick to understand why people would travel to St Pancras specifically to dine at Searcys.

Searcys Champagne

Searcys Champagne

Greeted by our lovely waiter for the evening we were shown to our table and given the champagne list. With the knowledge he showed and the vast list we were presented with we asked him to chose for us. We were given Searcys’ own brand of Champagne which was sweet and smooth, a really great start to the meal.

Seared Lyme Bay scallops, slow-cooked pork cheek, ginger sauce - Searcys St Pancras

Seared Lyme Bay scallops, slow-cooked pork cheek, ginger sauce £15

The menu at the Brasserie was full of variety from different meats, fish, veggie options and a whole array of seafood as well. It was a tough choice and we ended up choosing a few different starters and small plates because one each was just never going to satisfy my urge to order the entire menu! I went for seared Lyme Bay scallops and slow-cooked pork cheek with ginger sauce. The scallops were cooked to perfection and having the pork cheek on the plate too was something I had never had before – I can confirm it was a match made in heaven.

Cured Looe Bay mackerel, fennel, horseradish - Searcys St Pancras

Cured Looe Bay mackerel, fennel, horseradish £9

After some recommendations from our waiter, my guest chose the cured Looe Bay mackerel, fennel and horseradish to start. The dish presentation was beautiful with a small fillet of mackerel paired with some incredibly tasty mackerel pate. Both dishes were light and the perfect first course to start this gorgeous meal.

Potato and rosemary sourdough loaf - Searcys St Pancras

Potato and rosemary sourdough loaf £4.50



Potato and rosemary sourdough loaf - Searcys St Pancras

Potato and rosemary sourdough loaf £4.50


Whipped cauliflower and Yorkshire Blue, Flatbread - Searcys St Pancras

Whipped cauliflower and Yorkshire Blue, Flatbread £5


Scotch quails egg, piccalilli - Searcys St Pancras

Scotch quails egg, piccalilli £4.50

As I said, 2 starters was too difficult to choose so we also ordered some potato and rosemary sourdough bread, whipped cauliflower and Yorkshire Blue, walnuts with flat bread and a scotch quail’s egg – we did not hold back! I love any type of bread and have a new found love for cauliflower so this was the perfect choice. The bread was freshly baked and dipped into the whipped cauliflower mixed with blue cheese was getting my taste buds dancing for absolute joy.


Rump of Herdwick lamb, goats cheese tart, whipped aubergine, broad beans, peas.- Searcys St Pancras

Rump of Herdwick lamb, goats cheese tart, whipped aubergine, broad beans, peas. £19.50

For mains it was a little easier to chose as we are huge meat lovers, especially steak and lamb. So you guessed it we went for the steak and lamb! My main was rump of Herdwick lamb, goat’s cheese tart, whipped aubergine, broad beans and peas. The lamb was cooked pink, just how I like it and the goat’s cheese tart gave the dish a little sharpness which worked really well. It was also accompanied by lamb sweet breads which were incredibly tasty and the waiter poured the rich, beautiful sauce over the lamb when it was placed in front of me. I didn’t want the dish to end, all the elements from the meat to the vegetables joined forces and made a stunning, delicious dish.

45 days house-aged Lake District Rib eye - Searcys St Pancras

45 days house-aged Lake District Rib eye £32

My guest ordered the 45 day house-aged Lake District beef rib eye with bearnaise sauce and chips. He will choose steak at any given opportunity so knows when it is cooked well and this was perfection. Charred and smokey on the outside, pink and juicy in the inside. This steak was tender and seasoned well with the creamy bearnaise sauce as a great finisher of the dish.

Mashed Yukon Gold potatoes - Searcys St Pancras

Mashed Yukon Gold potatoes £4

Both mains did come with some vegetables but of course we had to make sure we ordered a couple of extra sides too, just to make sure we were not missing out on any of the sections on the menu! We went for golden mash potato which was velvety soft and accompanied my lamb dish beautifully. We also went for some buttered spring greens just to add a little more colour to our plates which were lovely and packed with flavour.

Vanilla burnt cream, gooseberry, Scottish shortbread. Searcys St Pancras

Vanilla burnt cream, gooseberry, Scottish shortbread. £6.50

By the time we had finished our starters, small plates, mains and side dishes as you can imagine we were bursting at the seams so we decided to share a dessert instead of having one each. We went for the vanilla burnt cream, gooseberry and Scottish shortbread. We actually were not too sure what to expect but we love anything with vanilla and shortbread so we knew this dish was going to be a great finisher and we were not wrong. It was basically a vanilla creme brulee which was exquisite. Breaking into that glazed top and down into the vanilla cream was a beautiful foodie moment and I was beginning to regret agreeing to share this dessert.

Overall the meal, service and ambiance was faultless. The knowledgeable staff helped us making excellent decisions along the way from the champagne, to the food and the perfectly matched wine. There is not one thing I would change about the food, it was all delicious and I can definitely see why the restaurant is so popular. It would have been nice to hop onto the Eurostar after of course but it was also great to go back home with tummies full from another wonderful experience in the centre of London.

St Pancras Brasserie & Champagne Bar by Searcys

St Pancras Station ,Euston Road,London,N1C 4QL

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