Roux at The Landau Review

As soon as I heard about Bookatable’s Roux at The Landau Star Deal (three courses plus two glasses of wine per person at £45), I booked. Renowned for its impeccable, personal service and modern French cuisine, to dine at Roux at The Landau is an offer not to be missed at this price. 

Roux at The Landau

Roux at The Landau

I’ve always believed that Roux Jr’s appreciation of food is rooted in simplicity and a love for dishes that are well thought out, well executed and well presented. Dinner at Roux at The Landau truly met my expectations in this style of cooking. I picked apart each beautiful dish, waiting for the flavours to surprise me, but then relished sitting back and enjoying them for what they were; uncomplicated and done wonderfully.

Mackerel Black Pudding

Each starter was very different and definitely suited a date night. My boyfriend jumped straight in for crispy pig trotters, placed delicately over rich oozing black pudding; spiced subtly and sweetened with plum and Chinese five spice. I went for the seared mackerel with crispy skin and translucent flesh that fell apart onto a kohlrabi salad, lightly flavoured with black curry emulsion, which for my tastes could have had a bit more kick.

Partridge Beef

To follow, I went for the spit-roast legged partridge which came with ventreche bacon and Swiss chard walnut compote. The meat was cooked beautifully; so sweet and tender and complemented by the crisp, salty bacon and earthy compote. The tomato and rosemary braised feather blade of beef with hand-cut cavatelli and pecorino was good and the portion generous. The meat fell apart with the slightest pressure and went well with the creamy pasta but the dish was lacking in salt and overall felt a bit too homely.


Puddings were clever and special, and equally as memorable as all other courses. The sundae du jour was practically bottomless, overflowing with flavour, completely indulgent and stunningly presented. Ours was loosely based on a tiramisu with layers and layers of seriously good mascarpone, coffee and vanilla ice cream and chunks of biscotti. White forest gateau was visually stunning, with a white chocolate dusted bomb, tempered white chocolate twirl, chocolate crumbs and what I hope was edible silver. It was extremely sweet so suited its more modest size. I ate the lot.


Three plates of lovely food, some surprise amuse bouches, 2 glasses of matched wine and a bill that doesn’t force you to blow a week’s pay in one sitting (£104 for two including service). Look out for other Bookatable offers at this restaurant, it’s well worth the visit. 

Roux at The Landau

The Langham, 1c Portland Place, Regent Street, London, W1B 1JA

Online booking available here


Current Offers:

Star Deal: 3 courses & 2 glasses of wine, £45pp

London Restaurant Festival 2012: 3 courses, £30pp

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