Restaurant Review: Regal Food at No. 65 & King

No. 65 & King is on a mission to bring American glamour over to London. They serve up cocktails, they serve up lobster, and they do it with style. We headed over there recently to indulge ourselves in a night of luxury, and to see what kind of treats they could serve up to us.

The first thing that hit us inside was a warm, relaxed feeling as we walked in from the cold, wintery streets. We sat next to a beautiful open fire, and took in the array of king-icon lighting and signs dotted around the venue, whilst perusing the menu.


Spicy Crab Cakes served with Tarragon Mayo

We started off with some spicy crab cakes served with tarragon mayo. The crab cakes were delicately piled next to the mayo, and the taste was delicately concocted. The spice infused the crab meat, creating a wonderful tang soothed out by the tarragon mayo. A cheeky slice of lime on the side added a little sharpness to the dish.


Salt & Pepper Baby Squid with Sweet Chilli Sauce

Alongside that, we tried the salt and pepper baby squid served with sweet chilli sauce. Served in a basket with a dose of some spicy seasoning, the starter was a bundle of joy. The light, fresh batter was crisp and flavoursome, and with the sauce, added a twist to the mix. I could probably have eaten this five times over as a meal in itself.


Whole Fresh Lobster

Luckily for me, though, the main course was due: a whole, fresh lobster served with a rich, garlic butter sauce and a rocket and parmesan salad. Excitingly, the lobster was preceded by a selection of lobster eating tools to help get the most out of the ‘king of seafood’ dish. The meat was tender, juicy and well worth the hype of its entourage of cutlery. The garlic sauce was rich, buttery and the perfect accompaniment to such an experience.


Surf and Turf

The surf and turf pitted half of a lobster against a steak (with a side of some triple-cooked chips). This created a battle of the tastebuds as two of the greatest foods one can experience competed for your attention, and got me going with some superhero stances. Boom! The lobster & garlic sauce was, as mentioned above, divine. Bang! The steak was cooked to absolute perfection. The colour of the inside of the steak was giving me thrills of joy. The steak looked like it had the upper hand, but then… Kapow! The lobster provided a twist with its bonus meat from inside the claw. Just when I thought it was out, it pulled me back in. A competition I refuse to pick a winner from.


New York Cheesecake

It was increasingly clear that No. 65 & King had achieved its goal of culinary domination, and we hadn’t even had dessert. The New York cheesecake was rich, creamy, and served with a naughty puddle of fruit. A delightful way to finish off a meal, with flavour attacking you from all angles.


Chocolate Fondant

The chocolate fondant, on the other hand, was sheer, gooey goodness. Served up with a little fruit and cream to balance out the flavour, it was rich and decadent. The inside of the fondant, always a test of quality, was full of hot chocolate yumminess.

We were full, but somehow managed to just about fit our coats back on. We headed back out into the blustery night with a new inner warmth. No. 65 & King had served us the food of, well, kings and superheroes.

65 & King

65 Westbourne Grove, London, W2 4UJ


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