Review: Authentic sushi & sake at Miyako

If you thought Japanese cuisine was all green tea and, well, a lot of raw fish, Miyako is here to prove you gloriously wrong. At Miyako, they keep things simple but deliver great dishes. After a long week, I was glad to be meeting my friend for a long awaited catch up and being lovers of sushi, this was the perfect place to dine.

Located inside the luxurious Andaz Hotel, a 2-minute walk from Liverpool Street Station, Miyako boasts an AA Rosette. Led by head chef Kosei Sakamoto, Miyako offers a traditional Japanese-style cuisine in the heart of the City – what could be better?

Inside Miyako

Small and imitate inside, Miyako has a chic Japanese feel with walls and floors covered in solid wood. Living in crowded London, Miyako brings an ounce of calm to the City.

The Sake Experience

To truly experience the taste of Japan, I opted for Miayko’s sake experience. The first sake on the left in the picture was a cold and dry sake called Honjozo. Named Tamon sawayaka, it had a smooth and lively taste with smooth, earthy notes at the end.  The middle glass contained hot sake which was dry and had a clean finish. My favourite by far (because of my sweet tooth), was the sparkling sake. It was called Ozeki hana fuga and was an elegant and refined sparkling sake with a hint of peach. This was refreshing and I could drink this all day!

Fresh virgin mojito

My friend not being a massive fan of sake opted for a cocktail, which the bar can compile for you at any moment. She went for a virgin mojito which was fresh and sweet, the perfect accompaniment to our starters.

Miso soup

To start, we went straight in for the miso soup, and we were not disappointed. It had creamy chunks of silky tofu and seaweed adding different textures to the soup. I would have been happy to have this all evening.

Mixture of sushi to start with

Next came the main attractions and what Miyako do best – sushi. We thought we should try out some of the recommended sushi dishes so went for several different types. One was the spicy tuna maki rolls which were delicious. The raw spicy tuna in the middle was fresh and the rice and seaweed moreish after being soaked in the soy sauce.

Next was the inside out sushi roll with the Miyako house special – crispy prawn tempura wrapped in seaweed and then wrapped in sushi rice as opposed to the maki roll which was the opposite. These were quite tasty and the crispy filling had a nice texture to it.

The finale of our starters, was the octopus sushi. This was a thin slice of raw octopus that was wrapped around sushi rice with a hint of wasabi. The sushi starters came accompanied with fresh wasabi and picked ginger to help cleanse the palate.

The Miyako Bento box

Next, the waitress recommended that we go for the Miyako Bento box to get a taste of everything that Miyako has to offer. The Bento box contained different elements of hot and cold from sashimi, nigiri, a teriyaki dish, a tempura dish and salad.

Different types of Nigiri

First up from the Bento box, we tried the nigiri. In this section, we had a selection of tuna, salmon, prawn, sea bass and mackerel nigiri – slices of raw fish served over pressed vinegared rice. All of the nigiri tasted fresh. The sea bass was my favourite as it had a creamy sweet texture.

Different types of sashimi

Next in the Bento box was my favourite part – the sashimi. In this, we had thin slices of fresh sweet tuna, creamy rich salmon and my favourite raw fish – the creamy sea bass. All melted in the mouth.

Prawn and veggie tempura

The Bento box also contained a range of deep-fried tempura. We had 2 prawn tempura and a variety of vegetables. The batter was light, crispy and not oily at all. It came accompanied with a plum sauce and a sweet chilli sauce. Definitely one of my favourite dishes of the meal.

Chicken Teriyaki

And finally, chicken teriyaki. The chicken was still moist and smothered in a sweet and sticky teriyaki sauce. It was topped with sesame seeds giving it a crispy toasted flavour. Delicious.

The chef’s special: Age dashi tofu

As we sat chatting away, the waitress came over to recommend the chef’s special – the age dashi tofu. I am a massive tofu fan so couldn’t resist. The age dashi tofu was cut into 4 squares, lightly dusted in potato starch and then deep fried until golden brown. It was crispy and creamy in the middle. Even though the tofu is served in a hot tentsuyu broth, the tofu retained its form and texture. It was topped off with finely chopped spring onions, which were crispy. A winning dish right there!


To end the night after some delicious food and to cleanse our palates, we ordered some sorbets. We went for the assorted sorbets which contained a blood orange sorbet which was fresh and fruity, a pineapple and basil one which I found really delicate, and the final one, a coconut sorbet which was very creamy. All sorbets were polished off.

Miyako is small and intimate making it a perfect place to bring a date or meet up with a friend. The service is fast and friendly. The fact that Miyako doesn’t have a table turn-around is another plus – my friend and I chatted from 7pm until 10pm, making it the most relaxed restaurant to be in!


40 Liverpool Street, London, EC2M 7QN

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After living in the Middle East for 7 years, Samirah returned back to the melting pot of the UK - London. Samirah's favourite cuisine is a toss between Arabic & Persian food but has recently developed a taste for sushi. When Samirah isn't baking, cooking or watching world cinema, she can be found hosting a cake stall at her local fair or buying quirky decor for her new flat.

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