Review: A taste of Turin at Savure

I’m a massive fan of Italian food, especially when it comes to freshly made pasta after having had my first taste of the good stuff in Turin 14 years ago. With so many good Italian restaurants across London, it is impossible to try them all, so after hearing good things about Savure from colleagues and reading about an artisan pasta lab that creates fresh homemade pasta daily, I was sold.

Smack bang in the middle of Old Street and Moorgate sits Savure. From the outside, Savure is trendy with a chic and friendly vibe that draws your attention straight away, especially the great daily deals available on the chalkboards as you walk past.

Outside Savure

Once inside Savure, you are hit with a clean and hip vibe with white walls, mustard-coloured booths and red colander-shaped lights – a sort of canteen-style like feel which is right on trend! It definitely puts a smile on your face. Walking in, we were greeted by Emanuela, the restaurant manager.  Before showing us around, she gave us a quick history of Savure. As well as dining or taking away the freshly made pasta, you can also buy the pasta to take home. Savure hailed from Turin where they have a Pastifico con Cucina shop – which they brought to the UK recently. With over 200 different combinations of pasta and sauces, we were ready to tuck in!

Inside Savure – fresh and bright colours welcome us

Before sitting down, my friend and I got distracted by the freshly made pasta displayed behind a glass screen – all made this morning. First on display was the beautifully shaped gnocchi – small soft dough dumplings made from potatoes, eggs and wheat flour. There was a plain potato gnocchi and next to that sat a beautiful dark green spinach gnocchi. Savure also makes turmeric gnocchi but being a very popular choice, they had already sold out.

Freshly made potato and spinach gnocchi

How it works at Savure is really simple. Simply pick your pasta and then choose your sauce. There are 11 different types of sauces to pick from. If you fancy meat then dig into one of Savure’s ragus – a rich beef and tomato or a sausage, tomato and saffron sauce. If you want to try an authentic Turin regional sauce, then tuck into a pesto or carbonara one. And finally, if you fancy a fish sauce, simply ask the chef for the fish sauce of the day.

A selection of freshly made pasta made from eggs or special flour

We finally sat down and were ready to order. Whilst we were waiting for our starters, we were greeted by crispy breadsticks and a glass of sparkling rosé – which ticked all the boxes. As the delicious aromas filled the restaurant, our starters came.

House-made crispy bread sticks & a glass of sparkling rosé

For starters, my friend went for the classic burrata. The burrata was fresh, creamy and melted in the mouth. Accompanied by fresh sweet tomatoes and aromatic basil, this dish was one not to miss.

Starter – Burrata Pugliese

I went for the Italian melt – a crispy baguette coated with melted cheese including smoked cheese which gave it a very deep flavour. Simply delicious!

Starter – Italian cheese melt

When we were done, we were handed some Italian wine to go with our mains.

Wine pairing ready for our mains

My friend and I couldn’t decided what to try so we were greedy and decided to try 2 of their most famous pasta dishes!

Mains – a taster of the favourites

First up was a classic spaghetti alla chitarra with a rich tomato and beef ragu. The pasta was soft and cooked to perfection whilst the ragu sauce was deep and rich and contained chunky pieces of meat. This brought us right back to our trip to Italy. It couldn’t get any more authentic.

Freshly made spaghetti alla chitarra in a rich ragu sauce

Next was the creamy spinach gnocchi with a cacio&pepe sauce which was so delicious.  The gnocchi was also cooked to perfection and the sauce worked really well with the pasta and brought out the spinach flavour.

Tasty spinach gnocchi in a cacio&pepe sauce

After our mains, we were full to the brim but were persuaded by Emanuela to try out their Italian desserts before we hit the road. I couldn’t resist when the menu came –  I knew exactly what I wanted.

The Italian traditional espresso mousse

Being a lover of coffee in any shape or form, I ordered their traditional espresso mousse. Now let me tell you that I have tried a few and that was the best one I have ever had. The mousse was creamy, light and had a subtle hit of espresso. It was topped with whipped cream and nuts – what was there not to like? It was gone within 5 spoonfuls.

Creamy panna cotta

My friend went for the panna cotta. The panna cotta was topped with a mango coulis which was fresh, sweet and worked well with the creamy and light panna cotta. Both desserts were scrumptious and light.

Savure is everything you want an Italian restaurant to be and more. It can be a place to go for lunch or dinner or simply catching up with friends, a date or even if you are after some good hearty Italian dishes cooked for you fresh on the spot. If you don’t fancy sitting in a restaurant or want to impress dinner guests, then you can also take home a wide variety of pasta and the chef will even give you some secret tips! With a wide variety of pasta and sauces to pick from, like me and my friend, you will keep coming back until you have tried the lot.

If you fancy learning how to make pasta, Savure will be  holding pasta making classes during the weekend starting this September so be sure not to miss out! Until our next trip to Italy, for now we are very happy that Savure is on our doorstep.



20 Paul St, Shoreditch, London, EC2A 4JH

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