Review: Authentic Italian food at Gatti’s

Sometimes there is nothing better than tasting a hearty, classic Italian dish that is cooked the traditional way – one that an Italian grandma would be proud of. Nowadays more chefs are thinking outside the box and diners are wanting dishes that suit their Instagram page, but thankfully there are still places serving the classics. Gatti’s is located in the heart of The City, between Moorgate and Liverpool Street Station. The restaurant (their second one in London) is known for serving freshly made classic Italian dishes using fresh produce.

A trendy bar is located at the top of Gatti’s when you walk in. As we were really hungry and had an early start the next day, we decided to skip sitting in the lavish bar and opted to get some food instead.

Inside Gatti’s

Downstairs is an open and airy restaurant and dining area. The restaurant is filled with plush red chairs with a traditional fine dining layout. It feels cosy and the old-school 60’s swing music playing in the background makes you want to start dancing!

Wine galore!

Delicious house wines

Before we got started, we ordered a glass of red and white which were both delicious.

Calamari fritti

We started our Italian journeys with some classic dishes. I went for my favourite choice – calamari fritti served alongside a lovely homemade tartar sauce. The calamari rings, another reminder of our Italian trips, were cooked to perfection and the batter was golden and crispy. The tempura batter encased the delicately cooked squid with the perfect consistency and texture. And the best bits were the crispy tentacles that came with it. Delicious!

Grigliata mista di vegetali

My husband went for a medley of grilled vegetables that was drizzled with a nutty olive oil, a balsamic reduction and of course salt and pepper. The grilled vegetable plate contained asparagus, aubergine, courgettes and tomatoes – all perfectly grilled. Perfect on a warm summer evening.

We took a breather when we finished our mains as the portions were generous.

Filetti di sogliola rustici

For mains, my husband went for the deep-fried Dover sole with a lemon butter sauce. The fish was moist and flaky in the middle and the breadcrumb was crispy and light. It was served with fresh slices of lemon on the side to drizzle over.

Filetto di manzo scozzese allo Stilton

However, the star dish of the evening was my pan-fried beef. The piece of prime Angus beef on my plate smothered in Stilton cheese, a odd combination and not one that I have tried, was fantastic. The beef quite literally cut through like a block of butter and each mouthful barely needed chewing. It was full of flavour too, perfectly seasoned and enough to mop up the remaining creamy cheese. It is nothing like I have tasted before and every mouthful was a nice surprise.

Side orders

To accompany our mains, we went for a selection of side dishes which included boiled potatoes which were seasoned beautifully and sprinkled with finely chopped parsley, a plate of steamed broccoli that still had a bite to it, and some chips to mop up what was left of the Stilton sauce.

Mauro – our great host for the evening!

Our host for the evening was the entertaining Mauro. A real Italian at heart with a passion for food and travel. He even gave us some tips for our upcoming trip to Italy!

Our palette cleanser

To cleanse our palates after our delicious meals, we were handed a refreshing lemon sorbet with fresh raspberries. The lemon sorbet was sweet and the raspberry added a nice tang to it. It was the perfect palate cleaner after our first 2 courses.

Home made tiramisu

Before we could call it a night, we were given the restaurant’s signature dessert by Mauro – a humble slice of homemade tiramisu. As much as we tried to resist it, we were glad we didn’t. Loaded with coffee, cream and fresh vanilla sponge, it was a spoon fight between my husband and I to try and get the last scoop.

Gatti’s is a real blast from the past and reminded us of our trips to sunny Italy, soaking up the sun and dining on some spectacular food. The portions are generous and hearty so you definitely won’t leave feeling hungry, the Italian hospitality is lovely, the wine delicious and that steak – I could eat that all over again.

Gatti’s – City Point

1 Ropemaker Street, London, EC2Y 9AW

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