Review: Exploring Indigo’s Tasting Menu at One Aldwych

Sometimes a restaurant’s menu can leave you indecisive and not knowing what to have. Why settle for one amazing dish when you can sample them all?

I hear you. It is hard finding a good restaurant that does a great value tasting menus whilst demonstrating its top dishes. Fear not. Surprisingly the amount of times I have eaten out I have never experienced a tasting menu before, so this made my visit to Indigo Restaurant even more exciting!

Located in One Aldwych Hotel, a short walk from Covent Garden or Charing Cross station, Indigo Restaurant showcases thoughtful and innovative food. Run by Executive Chef Dominic Teague, I was excited to try out some gluten and dairy-free dishes!

Freshly baked gluten-free bread

To get started, hot freshly baked gluten-free bread was brought to our table with a small jug of rapeseed oil for pouring onto the warm bread. The bread was really soft and had a nice nutty flavour. It was so good, we asked for seconds!

Indigo offers 2 types of tasting menu – one for meat eaters and one for vegetarians. To get the full taste of the tasting menus, we decided to go for a different menu each so we could explore the full range of dishes Indigo has to offer.

1st course: Watercress soup with poached Breckland Brown hen’s egg

First was a watercress soup with a poached Breckland brown hen’s egg. The dish was very appealing to the eye. The poached egg was cooked to perfection as it still had a lovely runny middle. The egg was surrounded by small cubes of poached celeriac which was soft but retained its bite.

Once the watercress soup has been added

Before we could get tucked in, the waiter came round and poured the watercress soup all around the egg. The soup itself was fresh which really livened up the dish in both taste and colour. This was a real winning starter.

Starter: Seared Orkney scallops

As my friend went for the meat and seafood tasting menu, her second dish was seared Orkney scallops with Granny Smith apple chunks, a cauliflower puree and sea purslane. The scallops were cooked to perfection – it had a crispy outing with a creamy middle. The cauliflower puree and Granny Smith apple chunks really complemented the dish and worked really well together. The sea purslane gave the dish a nice salty finish.

Starter: Chick pea panisse

From the vegetarian menu, my second course was an insanely tasty chick pea panisse. The panisse was crispy on the outside and soft in the middle and was perfectly seasoned. It came accompanied with charred aubergine purée with sweet and sour sultanas. The aubergine was nice and smokey which worked really well with the crispy panisse.

Main: Tenderlion of Rhug Estate pork

The third course off the meat tasting menu, was a tenderloin of Rhug Estate pork with confit vine tomato, Jersey royal potatoes and Merguez sausage. The pork was soft and sweet and wrapped around with pancetta creating a crispy outing. The vine tomatoes were soft and juicy and the Merguez was nice and spicy which worked really well against the fresh mushrooms scattered across the plate to bring some earthiness.

Main: Hand rolled potato gnocchi

From the vegetarian tasting menu, the main course was hand-rolled potato gnocchi with rainbow chard, broad beans and confit lemon. The potato gnocchi were divine – crispy on the outside and really creamy in the middle. The butternut squash purée and coriander sauce gave the dish some beautiful warm colours and the crispy kale at the top gave it a nice touch.

Dessert #1: Pistachio & polenta cake

With 3 courses down and 2 more to go, we took a breather and finished off our Malbec wine. Our first dessert of the evening was a pistachio and polenta cake with a red wine-poached fig and yoghurt sorbet. The cake itself was light and fluffy and a nice pistachio taste came through. The fig was soaked in a rich delicious red wine and the yoghurt sorbet was the perfect addition creating a nice cold creamy texture against the sweet warm sponge.

Dessert #2: Blackberry soufflé

Dessert #2: This tasted as good as it looked!

Our final dessert (and we were bursting by now) was a refreshing and light blackberry soufflé. We just couldn’t resist. The soufflé was light as a feather and creamy. The blackberries were fresh and sweet. It was the perfect dessert after a generous meal.

A selection of wines with our 5 courses

During our meal, we were given a glass of white and red each. The white wine was a crisp white Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand. It was had a fruity taste and worked well with the gluten free bread and starter. Our red wine was a red Melbec from Argentina called Humerto Canale. It was a full bodied red with a taste of red berries with notes of vanilla with an oaky spice finish. Perfect with the mains and dessert.

As you can see, Indigo offers an amazing tasting menu with lots of choices. The dishes are all cooked from scratch and come as fresh as they can be. The portions are generous and colourful, definitely worthy  of a few Instagram posts! If you are gluten intolerant or don’t eat dairy products, this the best tasting menu around. And it is nice to see a restaurant doing its bit for charity by supporting Children with Cancer UK.

Indigo Restaurant

One Aldwych Hotel, 1 Aldwych, Covent Garden, London, WC2B 4BZ

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