Review: Feast on London at Tonic & Remedy

As soon as we entered Tonic & Remedy I could tell we were in for a fun yet sophisticated evening. Trendy types were hanging in the rather lavish bar area; a group were taking a cocktail masterclass, and people were genuinely having a good time with the bar team. We were led upstairs past the floor-to-ceiling windows with striking views of the city to the open plan dining area. Swish leather seats, subtle lighting and an open kitchen hatch gave off an opulent feel.

Before we got stuck into the menu we treated ourselves to a cocktail. As a fan of gin I had a jamming. Shaken with pomegranate and mint it came in a great old fashioned tankard with a sweet taste and peppery twang.
Mike had a chartreuse sour. The liqueur was shaken with egg white and lime which gave it a lovely frothy texture. The sharp bitter after taste was really moreish. Beautiful presentation.

Jamming & Chartreuse Sour Cocktails

Jamming & Chartreuse Sour Cocktails

Crispy Duck Salad

Crispy Duck Salad

To start Mike had crispy slices of duck marinated in a soya glaze. The salad was tossed in a light dressing and served with fresh slices of chilli. My partner loves spice so this was a great touch. We agreed this was a unique and vibrant starter, not too heavy but super tasty.

Mushroom Soup

Mushroom Soup

The soup of the day was mushroom, which is my favourite. Admittedly it’s not the most colourful dish but it’s worth it for the taste. Silky and rich, it was a joy to eat. I loved the earthy flavour which was evident in my empty bowl not long after it was placed down.

Searcy's Red Wine

Searcys Red Wine

When a restaurant have their own branded wine you know you’re in good keeping. Our Searcys red was whisked over and after the essential (but always slightly embarrassing) taste test our glasses were filled with the rich fruity red.

Braised Beef

Braised Beef

The braised beef for main course just fell apart when my knife touched it. The meat was great quality and the mash was dreamy, so smooth it amazes me how they do it. It came in a dark, intense jus with small chunks of beetroot dotted around the plate. I went very quiet with lots of umming and ahhing, it was beautiful.

Buffalo Chicken Burger

Buffalo Chicken Burger

Mike’s buffalo chicken burger with tangy spicy slaw on the side looked so inviting. The huge burger was hard to keep in one piece as it contained some much filling. He manoeuvred it well with only a few drops of the delicious sauce wasted. I’m sure a messy placemat is the sign of a good meal.

Cookie and Cream Sundae

Cookie & Cream Sundae

To finish, the cookie and cream sundae was a must. A giant chocolate cookie donned the top of the mountain of freshly whipped cream. Mike slowly worked his way through whilst we sipped away at our wine.

Carrot Cake and Coconut Sorbet

Carrot Cake & Coconut Sorbet

Although I was bursting at the seams I couldn’t turn down the carrot cake. I was served a huge soft and bouncy wedge. The creamy frosted topping was divine. A refreshing ball of coconut sorbet cleansed the palate after such a rich meal.

Gianluca our server for the evening was fantastic. Friendly and professional, he was never too far to top up our glasses or whisk over our next course. The chilled atmosphere at Tonic & Remedy was spot on. 3 courses and a cocktail, we felt, was amazing value and we will definitely be returning to indulge further in the Feast of London menu before it’s too late.

Tonic & Remedy

151-157 City Road, London, EC1V 1JH

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