BRGR.CO – Chelsea: So Much More Than Your Average Burger!

Having never eaten in a BRGR.CO restaurant before, I wasn’t sure what to expect: and as I do with all new restaurants, I kept an open mind to the possibilities that were to come my way. As we entered the restaurant, the chefs were at the forefront, manning a spectacular open fire grill, where the magic is glimpsed for the first time. We were greeted by the very friendly and hospitable restaurant manager, who immediately set us at ease – you could clearly see he took pride in what he did. We were promptly seated below the high glass skylight ceiling (perfect for spot-lit views of our food!)

We went through the newly-simplified BRGR.CO menu: impressed to hear that all mince is prepared freshly on site to ensure freshness, and that all burgers are crafted from grass-fed cattle, supplied by some of Scotland’s most highly respected butchers. BRGR.CO assures nothing short of the best, whether visiting for a lunchtime break from the office, or to bring family and friends for an evening treat. And such great produce doesn’t mean extortionate prices: the menu is very reasonably priced.

BRGR.CO - Oreo milkshake

Oreo milkshake

In terms of drinks, I would recommend starting with a delicious milkshake: I couldn’t resist the Oreo! A cooling, chocolatey, smile-raising shake topped off with crumbled Oreo: where can you go wrong? BRGR.CO also offers a selection of wine, beers, soft drinks and spirits should you wish to start your experience with something a little stronger than this biscuit-based treat.

BRGR.CO - ultimate burger

Ultimate BRGR

BRGR.CO - onion rings

Onion rings

So some of you may have guessed, we chose a burger, but this wasn’t just any burger: this was the ‘Ultimate BRGR.’ Living up to its name, it was possibly one of the best burgers I’ve ever set my taste buds on. It was a blend of beef fillet, prime rib and rump, perfectly cooked to order.  You can find this royal meat blend embedded between toasted demi brioche, with a side of fresh, crispy salad. BRGR.CO has a select yet luxurious list of side dishes to accompany its juicy burgers. We were tempted by them all, but chose a generous tower of crispy, thin-sliced onion rings in a light batter.

BRGR.CO - cheese dog

BRGR cheese dog

The name of the restaurant gives the impression it’s burgers only, but we’d have been fools to overlook the fine selection of hot dogs. The BRGR cheese dog took my fancy, served with satisfyingly sticky caramelised onions in a toasted brioche roll. Parmesan truffle fries caught my eye at the outset, and boy were these another spectacular choice! Soft and fluffy yet crisp fries were sprinkled with parmesan and dripping in truffle sauce: creating some super intense flavours. As you probably guessed, there were empty dishes all round.

BRGR.CO - bronut


Our food adventure didn’t stop here: when we saw mention of ‘bronut’, we were too intrigued not to try. After sipping on a cleansing homemade lemonade, we dug into a gooey and moist, donut-shaped brownie, topped with thick vanilla ice cream. In short, this dessert mashup needs to be added to your food bucket list.

I thoroughly enjoyed my evening at BRGR.CO on Kings Road, and have found my new favourite burger restaurant close to home. I look forward to visiting Marko and his team very soon, where I know I’ll be set to experience so much more than ‘just your average burger’.

BRGR.CO – Chelsea

127 Kings Road, London, SW3 4PW

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