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Easter in our household, as with most West Indian households is celebrated by eating Jamaican bun and cheese and fried fish on Good Friday. However, this year to mark the occasion and ahead of the Easter holidays, my daughter Sienna and I attended a chocolate-making class at R Chocolate in Sloane Square, where we had the pleasure of making and designing our own chocolate Easter eggs!

Set on a pretty side street off Sloane Square, R Chocolate looks like a quaint but quirky coffee shop from the outside, with lounging sofas and people quietly reading and drinking lattes on the inside.


We noticed the elephant door handles and solid chocolate elephants on display!

We were greeted by head chef Shaka, a chocolate connoisseur who led us down to a large kitchen-come-classroom hidden in a bright basement area underneath the coffee shop. This is where the magic would later happen!

Sienna and I were joined by a very chatty and energetic little boy called Max and his mum making us a class of 4! We were all given matching aprons.

The class began with Shaka asking the children if they knew where chocolate came from. Of course, Sienna being the super bright and well travelled child that she is, announced that chocolate came from cocoa beans and that she had picked one herself on a recent trip to Grenada.

Chef Shaka patiently explained to the children the intricate process of making chocolate from cocoa beans and offered around different types of chocolate on a tray for us all to taste the distinct difference between the amount of cocoa bean used in different types of chocolate from white to very dark. R Chocolate uses 70% organic cocoa bean from Venezuela and Tanzania in all of their products.

Chocolate elephants

Shaka also explained that the reason there were so many chocolate elephants and elephant motifs around the store was to remember the number of elephants that were killed in Venezuela and Tanzania to prevent them from eating the cocoa plants.

Next Shaka allowed us all to choose our decorations of choice –everything from edible blue and pink spray paint, to edible pearls, diamonds, glitter and emoji faces! Head patissier Slav even made all the flower petals by hand.


We all had fun decorating our eggs! The children were asked to write secret messages to include in their eggs before melting chocolate to seal them. While we waited for our master pieces to dry, the children made Easter cards and decorated them with spray paint and stickers.

Once the eggs were dry, the children attempted to gift wrap their eggs in protective plastic with red ribbon bows ready to take home.

All wrapped up and ready to go!

The class was fun, interactive and informative and the children enjoyed making and decorating their eggs! It was definitely a nice afternoon spent with my daughter, creatively working together. I would definitely recommend this class if you are looking for something different to do that is fun, creative and educational!


Book the kids chocolate-making class here

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Sienna AKA Iris

Hi mummy AKA Jo it’s your daughter Sienna I really like the review GOOD JOB!!!!!!


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