Review: Pizzeria Oregano Islington

Prosecco - Pizzeria Oregano

Prosecco – Pizzeria Oregano

The two Ps, prosecco and pizza, are forever experiencing undying popularity. Find me a street in London that doesn’t sell both. Now, find me a street London that sells both at good quality and an excellent price. Struggling? Here’s one: St. Alban’s Place in Islington, home to Pizzeria Oregano, the Italian restaurant serving unlimited pizza and Prosecco for £20 a pop (person).
Tucked away a mere stone’s throw from Islington Green, Pizzeria Oregano makes quite the serendipitous surprise from the identikit chains or the dauntingly cool independent restaurants on Upper Street. Huge glass windows in the brick frontage allow you to peer in at this no-nonsense restaurant with its wood-fired oven and buzzy atmosphere. There is even outdoor seating for al fresco eating now summer has finally turned up.

Algherese - Pizzeria Oregano

Algherese – Pizzeria Oregano

Not long after being seated we were sipping on prosecco, a delightfully light and crisp variation that in combination with watching the chefs at work, roused up our appetite for the pizzas to come.

There are 6 pizzas available in this offer, so no matter what your flavour Pizzeria Oregano has all bases covered. My friend chose the Algherese which included red onion, aubergine and courgette. The vegetables were slightly chargrilled on their outer, and soft on the inside, providing a wonderful combination of textures to work with the creamy mozzarella and tomato base.

Sarda - Pizzeria Oregano

Sarda – Pizzeria Oregano

I sampled the Sarda, which had mushrooms and bountiful Italian ham adorning it. The slight saltiness of the ham and the meaty taste of mushrooms all made for a deliciously substantial feed. The bases for both pizzas were thin, soft in the middle and had a crisp crust.

If you are feeling particularly peckish, Pizzeria Oregano allows you to go for a second round. However, after one pizza each we were stuffed so we kicked back and kept on with our faithful fizz – to aid digestion, obviously.

Now, I say stuffed – we fully believed that we were until we were enticed by the dessert menu. Although not strictly on the pizza and prosecco offer, I can vouch it is well worth expanding your budget and waistband a smidge further.

Crespoline alla Nocciola - Pizzeria Oregano

Crespoline alla Nocciola – £5.25

I went nuts for the crêpe. The thin pancake was filled with smooth hazelnut ice cream, a smattering of crushed nuts on top and a drizzle of honey. What’s not to love?

Souffle al Cioccolato - Pizzeria Oregano

Souffle al Cioccolato – £5.25

My friend opted for a chocolate pudding, and was blessed with a molten chocolate middle outside the dense casing. Balanced atop of the pudding was a scoop of vanilla gelato. The gelato and richness of the chocolate made for the ultimate indulgence to polish off the evening.

Pizzeria Oregano is the place to go if you’re looking for some seriously good pizza but want to get more bang for your buck. Or in this case, prosecco for your pound.



Pizzeria Oregano

18-19 St Alban’s Place, London, N1 0NX

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