Review: Pho – Manchester Corn Exchange

Set in a Grade II-listed building, I began my visit to Pho Manchester by entering through the giant glass doors, where I was met with a warm, vibrant atmosphere. As I was seated I was able to get my first real look around the restaurant, noticing it had 3 beautiful floors, the top floor being a balcony overlooking the inside of the building. The restaurant had a chic feel to it with the walls taken back to their rustic brick look and intimate lighting baskets offering the right amount of light to really give an authentic feel.

Pho Manchester

Pho Manchester

Having read a little about Pho before my visit, it gave me a sense of family, with it being a family-run business and one of the owners originating from Manchester. They have done a superb job in creating the Vietnamese menu and bringing so many flavours back here to Manchester. Manchester Pho is part of a growing family of Pho restaurants in the UK, with restaurants in London, Brighton and Leeds.

Pho - chicken wings

Chicken wings

There were so many scrumptious starters to choose from but a recommendation from the Pho team landed me with the chicken wings, which were deliciously flavoursome. A word of warning, the dip is not for the faint hearted but if you like heat then this is definitely up your street.

Pho Manchester


The main dish at Pho is the pho broth itself, filled with a selection of meats, vegetables and noodles. It’s a must have if you really want to get a flavour of the Vietnamese world.


Pho - chocolate brownie

Chocolate brownie with green tea ice cream

Last but not least was dessert and what a grand finale it was. The sweetness of the chocolate brownie was accompanied by a smooth green tea ice cream, another of the Pho recommendations and what a great recommendation it was.

Pho – Manchester Corn Exchange

Unit 15, Corn Exchange, 37 Hanging Ditch, Manchester, M4 3TR

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